#holistic Hill Country 100% Manuka Oil 10X Potency of Tea Tree Oil 10ml

NZ Country 100% Manuka Oil 10ml Pure East Cape Natural Anti-Fungal Antiseptic Stronger Than Tea Tree Oil for Skin Conditions Like Acne Foot Fungus Tinea Boils Roseca etc

  • Our 100% Natural Manuka Essential Oil is similar to Tea Tree Oil but is 10 times as effective on a wide variety of chronic skin complaints; we're the only seller that sends a free Ebook on it's many uses with purchase
  • Strong natural agent used for acne, cuts, grazes, boils, rashes, irritations; soothes many other bacterial and fungal infections when chemical antiseptic and antibiotics can cause adverse reactions or not work at all
  • 25+ Household uses; Insect Bite, Poison Ivy remedy; add to shampoo to help itchy dry scalp or body wash for irritated skin; add to skin cream to help kill infectious bacteria; also add to dog wash for tick lice and mite control
  • Helps kill most fungal virus skin infections such as ringworm, athletes foot, tinea & ugly nail fungus, jock itch, rashes, etc
  • Natural New Zealand East Cape Manuka Oil extracted by steam distillation with pure spring water it contains no additives of any kind; convenient safe Child Resistant dropper top
This product includes a FREE Ebook on the many many uses of this unique oil which will automatically be emailed to you when purchased. This rare & pure natural Manuka Essential Oil has been called " Natures Medicine Cabinet in a Bottle " due to its unique Anti-fungal, Anti-bacterial, Anti-inflammatory, Ant-Viral & Analgesic properties. Unlike Tea Tree Oil, Manuka Oil is usually non-irritant on sensitive skin and is much stronger in anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties than Tea Tree Oil, par

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Anti-Viral, Herbal Lip Ointment For Cold Sore Outbreak Prevention, Reduce Blistering During Active Outbreak, Best Remedy For Fever Blisters And Herpes

CHINESE EXPERTISE The Anti-viral Lip ointment remedy for cold sores and fever blisters is a contemporary modification of an ancient Chinese formula that will work wonders in your battle against irritating cold sores. Apply the ointment all over the mouth area and nasal passages to secure and prevent any blisters or soreness from appearing, the moment you feel the tingling.

A POWERFUL REMEDY: The Anti-viral formula will provide quick and safe results specifically for people facing immune


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2 Comments on "#holistic Hill Country 100% Manuka Oil 10X Potency of Tea Tree Oil 10ml"

  1. J. Rockett | July 15, 2017 at 11:46 am |
    205 of 211 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Amazing Product – It Saved My Skin!!!, August 1, 2015
    J. Rockett (Glenwood, IL, US) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Hill Country 100% Manuka Oil 10X Potency of Tea Tree Oil 10ml (Health and Beauty)
    This product has made an AMAZING difference in my skin!

    I turned 50 in November, but I’ve had acne since I was a teen. Coupled with the onset of pre-menopause, my hormones were wreaking havoc on my skin. To try and arrest the situation, I began a 12-week course (6 sessions, every other week) of microdermabrasion treatments. I started on June 24. I should also mention that in February this year, I developed a horrible-looking rash/fungal infection on my chin, which had spread to about 4-5 inches in width and very noticeable because it was about 4 shades darker than my honey-colored skin. Yuck! The woman at the spa wouldn’t even touch it on my first visit. (I foolishly thought she could just microderm away the hardened, scaly thing away.) She advised me to use something called Tend Skin until it disappeared. So I went home and found Tend Skin online, but I did not order it. Instead, something called Manuka oil popped up. Because I have oily skin (even now at 50!), I am verrrrry hesitant about adding ANY type of oil on my face, but after reading the customer testimonials, I decided I had absolutely nothing to lose.

    I ordered it July 1 for overnight delivery. When it arrived (July 2), I used it that very day when I came home from work. The next morning, I was AMAZED: I could see a tangible difference in my skin! What’s more, at my next microdermabrasion session on July 10, the woman asked me what I’d been doing since my last visit. She was astonished at the difference in my skin – particularly that rash! I showed her the Manuka oil. She examined the ingredients, told me they were safe, and that I should keep using it. I went back last week, July 24, and she was almost speechless because the rash was approx. 90% improved – so much so that she could now microderm the area. As of July 30, that nasty rash is about 99% G O N E! You can’t even tell where it was! (I say 99% because I can see the 1% – but no one else can). And I know it’s because of Manuka Oil. This product has given me back my confidence and my social life. There were weekends that I would refuse dates and not leave the house because I was so embarrassed by this rash on my face. And going to work was heartbreaking for me. As an Executive Assistant, I have to
    interface with C-level people all day long. Thank God no one was ever cruel enough to ask “what’s that on your chin?” even when I could see people staring at it. And no amount of makeup would cover it. Now I don’t even have to wear makeup on the weekends – unless I’m going out socially. In fact, last weekend, I went out to run errands in only mascara, lip gloss and a sweep of powder (for my oily skin). That’s it – nothing else! 🙂

    Manuka Oil has saved my skin. The tone/color is so much better, and my acne is completely under control. Some mornings, I just stare at my face in the mirror. I’m completely in awe that this product has worked so well for me. It’s actually given me back my life. I ordered a second bottle and received it today (August 1). I don’t know what kind of magic is in Manuka Oil, but I do know that it’s a product I will never EVER be without again!

    I’ve read tons of false testimonials on this site, so in the interest of full disclosure I want to state that this company NEVER GAVE ME ANYTHING! I found this product on my own, and every word of this review is ABSOLUTELY TRUE!

    I thank God I found this product, and God bless Manuka Naturals for selling such a wonderful product that very literally saved my skin and gave me back my confidence!

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  2. Fox Family | July 15, 2017 at 12:14 pm |
    99 of 103 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    This works for foot fungus! Photo proof included, December 8, 2016
    Fox Family (Louisville, KY) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Hill Country 100% Manuka Oil 10X Potency of Tea Tree Oil 10ml (Health and Beauty)
    In June 2016 I had a problem. I had been showering after someone who has foot fungus and it was obvious I had become infected. Gross. So gross. And if you read up on it basically sounds like herpes and good luggage- you have it for life. Oh- unless you want to deal with a lil’bit of possible liver damage then you can take an oral medicine that probably will cure it. Scary and no thanks.

    So I did a lot of reading on what people claim to have cured their toenail fungus. Vicks vapor rub, manuka oil and tea tree seemed to be the top 3 weapons of choice; however, I am a seeing-is-believing kind of person and I didn’t see a lot of picture proof. *I did see a lot of feet. And not healthy ones.
    So I went to Amazon to read reviews on all three of the products and I began to see some picture proof under manuka oil. Sold.
    Once I received the product, I began placing 1-2 drops of oil onto a q-tip then placing the oil on each toenail and making sure some ran down under the nail. I did this every morning and every night for 3 months straight. I am terrible about beginning new regimens and sticking with them but I did it. I did it because no way was I going to live with nail fungus. I like sandals, barefeet, walks on the beach … so I was committed and I think that is the key – daily application twice a day.
    Describing the smell is difficult. I have never smelled anything like it before. To me tea tree oil is strong/pungent/sharp and is medicinal in scent but semi-pleasant. Manuka oil, in my opinion, is a cross between eucalyptus and dirty clothes – a heavy, complex smell; not one you would leave a room for but one you wouldn’t draw closer to in order to get another whiff. It is like smelling 2 conflicting scents at the same time. That being said smell did not turn me off from using it, and yes I was gung ho about using it but I also ended up using this product on my face and scalp.
    After about a month of use I could already tell my toenails were improving – but I knew they would also have to grow out in order to see real results. So I kept at it 2 more months then I dropped back to using it just at night but only because I have 3 kids- so I have too much other stuff to think about once school started. I continued to see improvement. Around month 4 we moved to a new home (goodbye contageous offender!) and my routines were demolished. I began applying the oil maybe once a week. But I bought Purely Northwest Anti-Fungal foot and body wash and using it in each shower. I apply the gel to a toothbrush and clean each toenail. It tingles. I believe it works to help control the fungus.
    I purchased a second bottle of this product in August because I wanted to see if it would help some seborrhoric dermatitis that had now appeared near my eyebrow and nose. Fun times. So I got a seperate bottle just because I didn’t want to use the same bottle as I was using for my feet. I began applying manuka oil at night on the affected areas and it cleared up in under 2 weeks. I have kept it at bay by applying the oil maybe once a week and so far so good.
    I don’t write many reviews but I wanted to add my seeing-is-believing photo for the next person who wants to see results. I am writing this about 6 months to the day from when I began applying the oil. See photo for before and after. Awesome, right?! (*feet are so unattractive and mine are no exception) (**I had surgery as a child to remove an ingrown toenail my nail is oddly shaped)
    I am very pleased with this product and will continue to use it on my toes, face, and whatever else gets infected down the line.

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