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Holistic Chef Barry
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Image by Barry Gourmet and Raw
"Hello my name is Barry Anderson" Formally known as Chef Barry Gourmet & Raw now known as "Holistic Chef Barry "
I welcome you to my Raw Gourmet Photo Presentation with delight .

I strongly feel that every meal that has been exposed to any kind of heat needs something RAW to help digestion and also to bring out the flavor of the meal all around.

Your comments are welcome and more Garden Gourmet cuisine photos are coming soon.

How to start your Natural Health Plan? The Holistic Chef Barry Way !

Where and how to start on your journey to Life time Health and Happiness ?

What I would do if I was a Newbie wanting to know where to start with out the information overload?
How to start your Natural Health Plan? The Holistic Chef Barry Way !

Longevity and Aging plan that just works ?

Where and how to start on your journey to Life time Health and Happiness ?

Why Holistic Alternative Medicine is my choice to follow and implemented in my life ?

What I would do if I was a Newbie wanting to know where to start with out the information overload?

Why are Modern Day Diet Industry has failed us so miserably with Obesity rates are still going up?

Holistic Chef Barry’s endorsements in Natural Health ,Wellness,Healing ,Natural Weight Loss,and Longevity Living?

Why a Plant Based Anti Cancer Cuisine at Holistic Chef Barry’s Garden Villa Phuket in Thailand ?

No GMO, NO refined carbohydrate processed anything, No rancid cooking oils used, NO refined white sugar ever used, No conventional dairy , no conventional meats and eggs. No farm raised fish, No iodized table salt , Only the best cleanest ORGANIC fresh foods from Nature as Nature intended .
Your 5 STAR Nutritional Option as only Chef Barry would have it.

Food and Cooking in a way that preserves the water soluable vitamins and minerals and how to do this?

Why is it so important as we age to continue to move are body?

Why is a plant based diet mostly raw vegan vegetarian the way to go for disease prevention and longevity today ?

Chef Barry has created well over 200 Holistic Recipes with his original boat loads of health content for you to enjoy at flic.kr/ps/QgogH Thank You for your visiting my site that was over 2 years in the making .

Written from the garden desk of Holistic Chef Barry from his Garden Villa Phuket Natural Health and Sustainable Living Retreat in Phuket Thailand.

Written by Barry Charles Anderson aka Holistic Chef Barry © Copyright August 24 ,2013

My Article Content and name Holistic Chef Barry is FREE to use and to share freely over the internet and my content is not to be changed or used in any way with out my knowledge and full link backs to my sites must be made at www.gardenvillaphuket.com my face book at www.facebook.com/barry.anderson.338863 and my
My Flickr account at
flic.kr/ps/QgogH Thank You

Thank You for sharing this information with me and our FB readers Sheri Stovall Myers.

“The foundation to any healthy food and beverage plan and I never use the ugly word “DIET” because in most cases a diet never works.” Wow I know this is going to raise a few eye brows but it is true especially today. The diet industry has become a one size product that fits all and this is never going to work no matter what they say in their advertising.

There are large communities of people now living mostly in remote areas of the world and they eat anything they want and they are all slim and obesity is not an issue with these people.

Ok what makes them different from us? A lot does and it would fill volumes of my writing to explain everything to you so I will stick to the basic principles.

They are on a whole Earth eat what you want food plan that includes fresh Vegetables and fruits in that order and they either have their own gardens or they visit farmer markets . They feed them selves.

In contrast we live on canned , bottled , packaged simple carbohydrates and other people feed us.

They eat organic pastured grass fed raw dairy in moderation and as a condiment only.

We in contrast eat pasteurized ,homogenized , GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms ) Dairy , loaded with antibiotics ,growth hormones,puss, and other chemicals to keep this poor animal alive long enough to literally milk the animal to death that never sees one blade of grass her natural food in her entire life time.
This is OK with our Human Humane society because they have separate rules for live stock that we eat and our domestic dogs and cats.

They move their bodies every day out side in the sun and fresh air , doing normal everyday activities such as walking ,hiking, swimming in a lake or ocean , gardening , bicycling ,stretching and relazation. They do not have or need gym memberships.

We in contrast live in our cars , our office and factory work environment , our couch potato TV room, and we pay to see other people move their bodies instead . It is called sports entertainment on TV or in the park or stadium.
We have gym memberships but our society still has obesity and overweight problems despite all the promises and claims from our MLM Diet Industry Advertising.

They live longer than we do by a whopping 10 years and longer on average.

They do not take medical pharmaceutical drugs .
We do ! And did you know that many of the pharmaceutical drugs are hormone disrupters and actually cause you to have weight gain and yes sets you up for obesity as well when coupled with wrongful eating and drinking.

So there you have it in so many words. The weight loss industry has duped you and I into believing in magic formulas and pills to take care of our over weight society . They even go as far as saying you never have to move your body at all which is wrong information to give and is a diservice to our community just to make you think that there is an easy way out for you by buying their magic weight loss bill or formula. All BS to take your money for their BS product lacking in real information that you can actually use to lose your excess weight .

Who am I to bash our current weight lose industry . Well all I can say is look around and see the few people that actually dropped have their body weight and more just by doing what is right for getting the job done . You should listen to these people that have been through it . And some of them have their own sites to help you lose your weight the right and safe way .

They are not some skinny multi level marketer,or some multi National Corporation that is clueless in what it really takes to lose weight .

They are real people with something to say and something to prove.

Yes I did lose half my body weight more than 2 decades ago and my weight never returned but I am going to tell you right now that it was not some commercial diet pill or formula that helped me achieve my weight loss success.

It was something far more powerful.

It was accumulative knowledge of what works and what does not work that became my life time of living right with proper nutrition and life style and that is it my friend.

Save your money and just do what is tight to increase your metabolism.

If you lose weight and your metabolism does not change then your weight loss pill will fail. And later when you stop taking your pill the weight will come right back on .

Your” Individual Food and Beverage Plan “ is your foundation and yes I agree with you that there is so much information overload out their that it would make any persons head spin and even I am NO Exception to this phenomenon , so I turned my back on the USA supplement market and out right misinformation of so called mainstream medicine authority websites that are just fronts for the pharmaceutical industry selling synthetic and isolated man made not nature made over-hyped products.

“My recent trip to Canada confirmed all this as I made my discovery notes on every product for sale that I could get my hands on and had enlightening conversations with my fellow Canadians . And yes I feel their pain because I myself was at one time in my life living in their shoes. “

I stared years ago to direct my attention to the 5 communities of people walking the talk as living testaments to good health with out the diseases that we suffer in our fake synthetic world that is excepted all ready by the public at large simply because the uninformed public continues to buy these advertised harmful products with out any thought or question about the product.
“Just remember that NATURE has not advertising budget to sell you anything” Right ?

A serious one sided supply and demand problem ,that has been in force for decades now and it is so ingrained into the American fabric and now globally as I witness the Obesity and related health conditions skyrocket in all the countries around the world that I have traveled to. And lived in .

Nothing is being done because people keep on buying and the suppliers keep on selling, so it will always be business as usual for the suppliers as the demand is still going strong for them at this current trend.

The only thing you can do today, is to be your own self and to be a free thinker and to take your own personal journey to true health freedom by embracing and connecting with Nature and her food supply that will go into your body whole and unconditional and boycott like I do the rest of the ( you can fill in the blank ? ) So called health products and other products that need to be labeled to explain to you what you are putting into your body, and this goes with poison personal care products on your body as your skin absorbs everything good and bad as a direct path to your blood stream.

I am going to give you 3 or 4 starting points if I was starting all over again and I was a Newbie wanting to know where to start with out the information overload for my body and for my continued good health ?

First part is coming directly from me. Take out a piece of paper and draw a line down the center and write down all your favorite labeled and unlabeled comfort foods and be honest about it.

Break it up into the Standard American Food Groups. That general list is currently what you are eating and I have just programed your mind to start thinking of what you are putting into your body good and bad.

Now the Food and Beverage list on the right of the line is Blank but with your new education from my resources that I am going to give to you are going to slowly create your new list and your shopping habits will change over time to be buying from Nature and not the fake synthetic food giant detrimental to human health products that are currently strangle holding the public at large.

Over time you will have your own individual general healthy food list ( I did not use the word Diet) in your possession and YOU OWN IT !!! No one else does.

This is what I did more than 2 decades ago to drop more than 100 pounds of excess body fat off of my
5 foot 4 inch frame and to this day I am slim strong pain free and turning 60 years of youthful age.

Ok my recommendation must be implemented and now the few sites and I am giving you an extreme short list and I do not normally at this time endorse any product or web site but you are asking me so there it is .A small short list of resources that Holistic Chef Barry follows.

ONE – The Blue Zone Life Style Plan with a few good recipe ideas here at www.bluezone.com just click on the Recipe tab for wonder short list of great Blue Zone foods and Beverages to make your self.
I endorse all the good work of Dan Buettner an explorer and advocate of the 5 Longevity Communities around the world today . You can learn a whole lot from these people and much more than from your Doctor in my opinion and I am sad to say .

Dan Buettner speaks to you in this video


TWO- To my friend and Health Expert Tony Isaacs he has a fantastic website of Natural Health information, and a much bigger Recipe list for your options to try out . You can find Tony’s site here at “ The Best Years of Your Life “ TBYIL at www.tbyil.com by Tony M. Isaacs and Luella May Look for the recipe tag and click on it . Note that in the future some of Holistic Chef Barry’s recipes will be listed on this site as well.
The following is for eating right and for information to getting and staying well
THREE- My good friend and Natural Health Expert Dr. Judy Seeger ND. Is incredibly knowledgeable and has over 30 years of clinical experience working with Cancer Patients. I follow her advice for living well and for supporting my immune system strong. She has a great You tube account and many web sites to follow.
Dr. Judy is very approachable and we are skyping each other . Highly recommended by me and her advice for Natural Healing is second to none.
Go to www.cancercleansecamp.com

FOUR – A recent addition to my group of Health and Wellness product and information sites is AKEA Essentials The Blue Print for Life introduced to me by my good friend and Health Expert named T Bergenn for the 9 Longevity Hot Spots around the world today .
I am using their AKEA Essential organic whole food supplement product at this writing with additional health content information sent to my Phuket Thailand Garden Villa Phuket Health Resort.
You can see a photo and details of a recipe created by Holistic Chef Barry and your opportunity to join up with the Akea forum site at
T Bergenn can walk you through and show you what it is all about for living like the communities of people in the 9 Longevity Hot Spots around the world.

My suggestion is to copy One through Four resource links and place them in a folder on your front desk so that it is easier to find and to go to in your spare time and to keep you away from all the other online information overloads on the net today .

When you feel ready then you can explore the sites below

And Five is a short name list of Natural Health Experts ,Doctors, Educators, and serious Health Laypersons like myself that I follow on my face book time line at www.facebook.com/barry.anderson.338863

Just click on their Happy Holistic Faces to get to know them
Some of them are serious contributors to natural health content and a few can direct you to others if you have a serious health issue . Keep in mind that I value the entire list of my face book friends and I am just making a short list of people that you can go to if you have any serious health issue. I am adding an * Sign to indicate Physicians that can treat you and a # to People you can talk to and they can give you direction.

Dan Buettner#
Tony M. Isaacs#
Luella May #
Markus Rothkranz#
Stacy Keenshaw Jett #
Pipat Wongwiwat
Martin Hj Smetsers
Dany Kunz
Joy M. Duvall
Chef Eugenio Villafana
Jerry Roberts
Gilda Natalie
Joseph Hill #
Luella May#
Judy Seeger *#
Ti Bergenn #
Chris Wark #
Marlys Marlette
Jill Nussinow
Marcus Freudenmann #
Megas Andromeda
Laurel Elaine
Natural Cures Remedies #
Sayer Ji #
Dr-Thomas Lodi *#
Affinity Healthcare*#
Jonathan Drake #
Mortisha Poppins
Ryan Anderson
Sarapee Yuadyoung
Jason Laboni
Chily Sky
Lyn DevVincenzo
Deseray Clark
Jeff Hibbet
Mangosteen Phuket Ayurveda Spa *#
Debra Murphy
Glenn Canady#
Jeff Hibbett
Wade Lightheart#
Rawxi Eats
Dan Anderson
Kevin T. Duraj
Debra Murphy
Greg Chirinian
JF Rodgers
Pak Soo
Victor Gonsalez Lupenta
Pasha Oneill
Mykl Detlaff
Judy Wong Dobberphi
Matt At LifestyleandStrength
Laura Harrison Lewars
George Jackson
Di deFries
Elonna Anderson
Lana Karenina
Vytautas Darguzas
Steph Dray
Katya Arbusoff
Barbara Ann Middleton
William King#
Dr. Mark Hyman ,MD * #
If I missed anybody ? I appoligize to you for this.

In addition a short list of Health care professionals out side of Holistic Chef Barry,s Face book that he follows

Mike Adams www.naturalnews.com
Dr. Joseph Mercola www.mercola.com

Health Books that Chef Barry has read?

A lot of them and I cannot count since I started reading them way back in 1983 .
A small short list of books at flic.kr/p/fkSPZa

More Culinary Tips from Chef Barry
The main thing is true health starts in your kitchen . Not in your restaurant ,or anywhere else . They are businesses more interested in your business.

Get rid of your microwave , and deep fryer, and charcoal barbecue stand .

Buy a good juicer machine and a good blender and use them every day .
They are not decorations in your kitchen they are to be used.

Eat what Nature grows ,what is perishable as your foundation to good health.
You need to eat different raw leafy greens every day and your juicer and blender will help you with this.

Yes you can cook with heat for some foods to break down the undigestible cellulose and add raw foods to the meal that are more digestible as they are.

Mix it up and do not eat MONO meaning the same foods so often . Consume a variable food and beverage plan that is fun and interesting to your taste buds. No hard set rules here just enjoy your natural plant based foods.

No problem to add selected and used as condiments only and not every day some wild fish (Never farm raised) , and pastured organic free range in small portions if you can find such offerings today? Stay far away from conventional meats all tainted with unlabeled GMO and other nasty stuff and yes again it is a business with conventional live stock to cut corners and cheap it out for your money.

Same problem with eggs it is a business to them so use your due diligence and buy free range organic pastured eggs only.

Remember that the longest people today living in the world are plant based non vegans out living us by a decade and more so this is something I must make clear to all reading this.
Google the 5 Blue Zones for more information on this. Thank You

Stay far away from conventional dairy as this is tainted unlabeled GMO and is not fit to eat under any circumstances.

The only dairy product fit for human consumption and as condiments only is organic raw pastured dairy . Good luck in finding such a food in this day and age.

80 percent of our immune system is in our stomach and intestinal lining including our lymphatic system. Our friendly flora bacteria needs to be fed foods from nature and raw enzyme probiotic cultured foods like Korean style traditional kimchi , sauerkraut , miso paste from non GMO soy, cold pressed apple cider vinegar, fermented organic wine, liquid probiotics that are alive with the friendly bacteria. Remember that we have more bacteria on and inside our body than we have cells. Yes this is true. We would die with out our bacteria . In fact a healthy human adult carries about 6 to 7 pounds of it in their gut alone.

Herbs from nature is true medicine and learn about it and read up about it on the net .

Through out the day spend less time on your computer and more time moving your body in different ways to support your immunity out side in sunshine for your vitamin D levels.

Good Health is not something you do for a week , a month , or a year . No good health is something you do for a life time. This is what I do .

Holistic Chef Barry

Even Holistic Chef Barry must live with the pain in his own family and I know that I am not alone ?

Thanks Tony M. Isaacs for sharing your predicament with this person that apparently had a change of heart when illness such as Cancer became diagnosed in her body or the body of a friend.

Main stream Oncology has a way of striking the living fear in their patients which further messes up their immunity .(A very important note to take down)

Many people out there Tony as you know already I am sure are putting their standard mainstream Doctor very high on a pedestal.(Including my own family)

And these people backed by the pharmaceutical Mafia wield tremendous influence and power over the masses. Doctors are just mouth pieces following orders from above to toll the line ,and standard protocol that is in place.

They have no nutritional training in Med school and RDs Registered Dietitians that work with MDs have schooling backed by all the giant processed dead food and beverage corporations like Coco Cola , Mars bars Nabisco and the list goes on.

People on the street just do not have this kind of information and they are programed and the same goes for the Doctor administrating the untested multiple drug therapies on people that are told and made to believe that this is their only option for good health. (What a bunch of fill in the blank)

The whole broken system is so well organized with so many influential wealthy players in the game that there is no turning back for them it is effectively engrained into the fabric of how things are done in Allopathic Mainstream Medicine today.

And it has been going on for close to a century now so it is no wonder that people today are stuck or trapped into this kind of mind set today all over the world.

My step Dad just told me on Skype what his Doctor said to him.

"If you do not take my medication for the rest of your life then you will die early " End of quote

My step dad is on 6 different medications and it is like talking to a stone wall when I try to help him with my information and this is happening in my own family . His Doctor pressured by the pharmaceutical industry and to protect his own license to practice medicine pressured my Dad in this way striking fear into him.

His only option in his mind now is to continue with his unproven longterm efficacy benefits that are stripped effectively away in the long term by life threatening side effects . And I have seen those kind of side effects in other people and it is not pretty.

My Dad is fat and obese and this is the one side effect of taking multiple medications and the public just does not get it . Just look around.

Holistic Chef Barry

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