#healing Poison Garden at Blarney Castle

Some herbal remedy images:

Poison Garden at Blarney Castle
herbal remedy
Image by Anosmia
The garden contains a collection of poisonous plants from all over the world including Wolfsbane, Mandrake, Ricin, Opium and Cannabis. Many of these are labelled with information about their toxicity and traditional and modern uses. A large number of plants that we now know to be toxic were once used widely as herbal remedies for all sorts of ailments.

Purple coneflower
herbal remedy
Image by iamrawat
Echinacea Purpurea, commonly known as the purple cone flower is extremely easy to grow. I have a hardy clump of purple cones.

All the parts of this plant can be used in teas and herbal remedies. The blossom is used in the making of flower essences.

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