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Image from page 67 of “The River Congo from its mouth to Bólobó; with a general description of the natural history and anthropology of its western basin” (1895)
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Identifier: rivercongofromit00john
Title: The River Congo from its mouth to Bólobó; with a general description of the natural history and anthropology of its western basin
Year: 1895 (1890s)
Authors: Johnston, Harry Hamilton, Sir, 1858-1927
Subjects: Natural history
Publisher: London, S. Low, Marston & Co.
Contributing Library: Smithsonian Libraries
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HEN-HOUSE. of maize and manioc, here and there a lime, and even anorange tree (these latter rare), papaw trees, and thebeautiful passion-flower, which gives the fruit known asmaracuja or grenadilla, is carefully trained over a frame-work of sticks. Little beds of earth are being assiduouslyhoed, and are marked out with geometrical .accuracy by 48 A JOURNEY UP THE BIVEB CONGO. means of the same device as our gardeners employ athome, a tight string tied from peg to peg, only that inthis case a sort of bast or fibre is used instead of string.There are clucking fowls with small chicks about them,carefully housed in large hencoops made of withes andgrass to protect the chickens from their many enemies ;and for the hens to lay in, and the fowls to roost in atnight, neat little hen-houses are raised on posts, out of thereach of snakes.

Text Appearing After Image:
CONGO HOUSE, In a rough sort of shanty, constructed principally ofoverlaid palm-fronds, are the goats and the sheep (thesheep are of the usual Central African stock, with shorthairy coats, supplemented in the ram by a splendid silkymane from his chin to his stomach) ; and even, rarely, wemay see a black high-shouldered bullock stalled in a notill-fashioned manger made of the same material. The houses are well and neatly built, generally raised afoot above the ground on a platform of beaten earth.There is first of all a framework of stout poles, onevery long pole forming the apex of the slanting andwide-spreading roof, and on this is fixed a covering ofthin laths and dried grass. The roof extends somefeet beyond the body of the house, and in front is PALABALA AND YELALA. 49 prolonged to a sort of verandah, further supported by twoextra poles, and susceptible of any modification, frombeing the shady space of a few feet where the inmates ofthe house pass most of their time, to becoming t

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