#healing New Fibromyalgia photos

Some fibromyalgia images:

48 of 365/2- I overdid the physical stress yesterday
Image by Pahz
I’m exhausted. I was awake till 2 AM with the pain and my skin felt like it was on fire (still got both of those today). And today, I’m so sore, I’ve got that "thrown-from-the-horse" feeling on top of the burning pain and itching skin. Fibromyalgia sucks.

I’d rate today’s pain at around an 8 on that lame 1 to 10 pain scale. I had to take daytime Vicodin and I hate having to do that. This wasn’t the photo I was going for, but after six failed attempts, I said to hell with it and this is what you’re getting.

Image by kaffedamen_
Pilates and yoga helps keep my body pain-free.

me in Tim’s boat in our backyard lake- so beautiful
Image by Bellah
Tim decided to get a kayak and as soon as i tried it i was hooked and we ran out the next day and i got my kayak!! its wonderful treatment for the fibromyalgia. exercise(and eating right) is really the only good treatment for fibro other than medicine that treats the nerve pain.

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