#healing New Arthritis photos

A few arthritis images I found:

2014 Arthritis Walk Jax
Image by Rick.Ross96
Walk to Cure Arthritis Jacksonvill 2014

Roadside Vertebrata
Image by NiH
She sits there from 5 in the afternoon till 8 in the night, she sits there below the shade of the lamp-post, without trepidation for the stench of urine and the truncheons of the parading local guards. She is motionless, effortless through the passing of time. People throw coins, currencies out of solace for her discontent, they stay spreaded over the asphalt until a passerby with monetary lacking pick them up and pocket them in a jiffy.

Despite all these, she stays upright like an ivory statue..with swan-white, feathery hair flying to and fro.

It’s her exposed vertebra that shrills of her humanity.

In my definition of a materialistic world, she is just an apparition… a fool losing herself in the incandescence.

Long live, weirdo.

Taken at *night under a lampost near Shahbag, Dhaka University Premises.

…again (gasp!) with the Nikon 85mm f/1.8 AF-D

Back to Black? No not the KICK ASS AC/DC song, I’m referring to the "View in Black" option ala bighugelabs 😉

Dawn: Mount Diablo
Image by John-Morgan
This morning I did something that I had not done for too long–I got up at dawn and climbed one of the peaks of Las Trampas Regional Wilderness. For the last 1 months, I’ve suffered from Psoriatic Arthritis and it was sufficiently bad that the climb was out of the question. But I felt a bit better this morning and thought I’d give it a go. The gods rewarded me with wonderful images of the sunrise over Mount Diablo.

There was a fair bit of sliding in this image since Mount Diablo was hazy and covered in clouds. Increased saturation and warmth. Rebalanced color curves to make the mountain the focal point without destroying the trees in the foreground.

Details: Handheld, Lensbaby f/5.6, saturation and curves adjustments

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