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herbal remedy
Image by CameliaTWU
Leonurus cardiaca (Lamiaceae) is a herbaceous perennial plant. Originally from Central Asia and southeastern Europe, it is now found worldwide, spread largely due to its use as a herbal remedy. Midwives use it for a variety of purposes, including uterine tonic and prevention of uterine infection in women, hence the name Motherwort. The herb contains the alkaloid leonurine, which is a mild vasodilator and has a relaxing effect on smooth muscles. For this reason, it has long been used as a cardiac tonic, nervine, and an emmenagogue. (Wikipedia)
Bedeciu, Cluj County, Romania

OAS Hosts Forum “From Africa to the Americas: Traditional Herbal Remedies of Afro-descendants”
herbal remedy
Image by OEA – OAS
Date: March 22, 2018
Place: Washington DC
Credit: Juan Manuel Herrera/OAS

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