#healing herbal remedy: a bath with homemade therapeutic tea

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herbal remedy: a bath with homemade therapeutic tea
herbal remedy
Image by cafemama
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herbal remedy
Image by SammyJayJay
Home remedies illustration. Please attribute link to homeremedieslog.com

Secret Garden — Oakwell Hall —
herbal remedy
Image by belkin59
On leaving the Hall you arrive in the gardens to the rear. Surrounding the Hall are the formal gardens including a herb garden at the side of the Hall. Herbs and flowers were essential ingredients for the housewife and cook. Not only were they both distilled to produce scented oils and form the basis of herbal remedies but they also had an important culinary role. Although Oakwell’s herb garden is small in comparison to seventeenth century originals it gives an impression of the range of herbal plants available. Over 80 different varieties of herbs are to be found in this garden with many more to be found planted amongst the flowers in the formal gardens behind the hall ————-Digitally restored 2010

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