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Some fibromyalgia images:

Image by RachelCrowder
Living with a Long Term Condition


94 of 365/2- Six short? I haven’t missed a day!
Image by Pahz
For some reason, I decided to see how many photos I submitted to the 365 days group. 365+93=458… but the Flickr group said I only had 452. But I haven’t missed a day!

However… I’ve been absent-minded during this year’s fibromyalgia medicine adjustments. So, while I’ve uploaded a photo a day, even shared it on Facebook or even in other groups, I forgot to submit it to the 365 days group.

The group has it set so you can add 5 photos a day. I added four of the missing photos (which were in my 365days set all along) and then I’m submitting today’s. Tomorrow, I’ll get the other two.

The good news is that I’m off the Gabapentin, which is what made me all forgetful and such. In June, they’re going to try a new drug (I’m back on a nightly muscle relaxer to enhance my Vicodin).

Bed rest. My brother turned a monitor into a TV (using our Chromecast and my iPad) so I don’t get bored. Car accidents suck; fibromyalgia makes it feel like four times worse. Spending my night with Key & Peele and coloring with my #copic markers. #fms #fi
Image by Samie Harding

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