#healing Colts-foot – Tussilago farfara

A few herbal remedy images I found:

Colts-foot – Tussilago farfara
herbal remedy
Image by Hornbeam Arts
The flowers open before the appearance of the large leaves that look like horse hooves. The roots contain mucilage which was once used as a soothing cough remedy. The leaves have been used for herbal tobacco,

Hatfield Forest dam.

UCSC Hay Barn
herbal remedy
Image by Earthworm

2012.1.25 cuba b 488
herbal remedy
Image by cheeses
A visit to a local pharmacy was especially interesting for the herbalist in the group. There was a lot of medicina verde, green medicine. Herbs and tinctures are used alongside and in conjunction with pharmaceuticals. Pharmacists seemed to have quite a bit of leeway to recommend herbal remedies.

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