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(As seen in) Bursa
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Hard to believe… we were thinking this might happen in maybe ten years time but it has already happened according to this news from the BBC

" The Parliament in Turkey has voted to introduce a blanket ban on smoking in enclosed public places. Banning smoking was until recently completely unthinkable in Turkey, where 40% of the adult population – 25 million people – are smokers.

But such bans are now common in Europe. Health campaigners say one in five deaths in Turkey – a major tobacco producer – is tobacco-related.

The new ban will outlaw smoking in all enclosed public places, including bars, cafes and restaurants as well as taxis, trains and outdoor stadiums. It is due to come into force in about 18 months’ time.

Many smokers too are outraged by what they see as an infringement of their civil liberties, and are warning that they will ignore the new law. But against this, the new law is being strongly praised by health campaigners. They point out that smoking-related illnesses cost Turkey up to 3bn lira (£1.4bn; .7bn) a year.

The anti-smoking lobby has on its side a powerful supporter in the shape of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Well-known for his dislike of smoking, it is Mr Erdogan himself who has championed the new law through parliament and who in this instance, at least, appears more than ready to put principle ahead of popularity."

Hard to believe because everyone lights up, including young school boys and middle aged Anatolian mothers… oh well… Holland follows on 1st July.

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