Could Magnetic Therapy Be The Answer To The Back Pain Insomniacs Dream?

Katie Blake, age 39, a married mother of two from Somerset, UK, began suffering from chronic back pain after a near fatal car accident which occurred in January 2006. She has recently been feeling very low, due to lack of sleep caused by her back condition. When asked how her back pain had been affecting her sleep, here’s what she had to say,
“Since suffering with chronic back pain after the accident, I’ve found that I constantly toss and turn from one side to another just to try and get some relief.
There are nights when the pain seems so unbearable, almost as though my lower back is splitting in two; that trying to change sides literally leaves me in tears. So, I prop myself up with cushions and try to force myself to lie still on my back, only to wake up as stiff as a board the next morning.
When you’ve got to get up early, to sort out two young kids on after virtually no sleep at all, well, what can I say, it’s no laughing matter is it!”

Unfortunately, Katie’s story is not an isolated one. In fact, just like you, she is among one of the thousands of chronic back pain sufferers, whose quality of sleep is affected in a negative way, by their pain.
Two Thirds Of Back Pain Sufferers Have Sleep Trouble
A recent study conducted by the National Sleep Federation revealed that:

  • As many as two thirds of chronic back pain sufferers have sleep trouble.
  • The more severe the pain, the more likely it is to affect sleep
  • Disrupted sleep can make the pain feel worse
  • Traditional pain relief medication, such as analgesics can disrupt the sleep patterns

and make getting to sleep more difficult.
Vicious Cycle
So as you can see, it’s pretty much a vicious cycle where you find it difficult to get to sleep because of the pain and the less sleep you get, the worse the pain feels.
Assuming you’ve been in the position, where you’ve experienced insomnia; you’re probably familiar with the effects it can have on your body, such as:

  • Feeling un-refreshed and lacking in energy the next morning
  • Poor concentration levels
  • Feeling irritable
  • Impaired ability to think and speak

In a moment, I would like to offer you a glimmer of hope in the form of a natural therapy that might just help you break ‘the more pain equals less sleep cycle’, that you’ve probably become accustomed to.
Therapeutic Powers
Today, I’d like to share information with you, about a therapy that promotes the deep and restorative sleep that has been eluding you all this time. I’m talking about the natural therapeutic powers of Magnetic Therapy.
You’re probably wandering what Magnetic Therapy can do for you; well, let me begin by telling you what it is.
Magnetic therapy can be defined as a safe, natural and non-invasive method of applying high strength magnetic fields to the body for therapeutic purposes. It is a form of complementary therapy based medicine used to treat certain medical conditions by exposure to permanent or pulsed magnetic fields.

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