What You Need to Know About Executive Health Screening

What You Need to Know About Executive Health Screening

Human beings are vulnerable creatures as superior as they may consider themselves to be above all other living things. Illness and disease are two of the most crippling factors that affect us and can strike down at the most unexpected of times. Back in the day, medical conditions were unfortunately hard to treat due to lack of technology and education. Facilities were also far less in comparison to what we have available today. However, modern day advancements and progression have opened up new avenues for medical treatment and allows us to diagnose and treat an issue quite effectively. As such, an executive health screening is now a reality enabling you to keep a check on your health.


If you have not been to an executive health screening before, you should probably get on it as soon as possible. It is extremely valuable to have it done in periodic intervals just to ensure there is nothing abnormal… and even if there was, chances are you will be able to nip it in the bud fairly early without allowing it to grow and spread. Generally, a health screening involves the following:

– A full medical overview: History of your health and questionnaire
– Urine test
– Lung function
– A complete medical examination
– An overview of your lifestyle
– The balance between your height, weight and BMI
– Blood pressure measurement and testing of blood
– Hearing test
– Tests for vision (glaucoma etc)
– X-ray

The above are the basic checks that are included in a screening, and these can change depending on where you go. If you would like to include any particular exam you can ask your doctor to include it. Women and men also have check-ups that are individual to them which you can add onto your session such as testicular examination and pelvic examination.


A medical examination of any kind is considered to be an invasive and uncomfortable situation especially when it comes to a full executive health screening. There have been numerous stories and accounts from all over the world of places that have lured in women in particular in the guise of a clinic offering medical examinations to harass them. It is of extreme importance that solid research is done prior to booking an appointment with a clinic to ensure you are in safe and professional hands. Read ample reviews and trust recommendations as you will also receive the best service. Prior to booking your appointment, try and make a visit to the clinic so that you can gauge it for yourself.


When it comes to an executive health screening, the first instinct is to call up a hospital as they are known to have all the facilities that are required for all the different examinations. While there is nothing wrong with this, you might make life easier for yourself by checking around for options as now even private clinics are able to offer the same services. In a sense they are preferred as it tends to be less crowded which means waiting time is greatly reduced and you feel more connected to the situation which is important when it comes to your health.


Many people tend to postpone a health screening which is a very bad idea. It is always good to go even every six months to have an idea of your body and what you need to do to lead an active and healthier lifestyle. Some check-ups even offer a nutritional guide sometimes for an extra fee if not inclusive in the package which will help manage your diet not just for weight loss but also for optimal functionality of the body and mind. Should you run into any abnormalities, this will enable you to attend to it immediately which in cases of serious situations such as cancer, can even save your life.

Health screenings offer an all-round medical check-up which is extremely beneficial for a healthy life. Early detection and treatment increases survival rates and can help save lives. Visit http://www.eternitymedicine.com for more information.

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