Personalized model learns patients' glaucoma-progression dynamics

A focus group discussion about glaucoma. NIGERIA

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Published in: Community Eye Health Journal Vol. 25 No. 79.80 2012

Personalized model learns patients' glaucoma-progression dynamics
Las Vegas—A novel glaucoma monitoring system is being developed to guide providers in establishing personalized monitoring schedules that would help them avoid missing significant progression in glaucoma suspects or patients with open-angle …
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Study of genetics in African Americans with glaucoma targets better care
Las Vegas—The Primary Open-Angle African American Glaucoma Genetics (POAAGG) study is an ongoing 5-year NIH-funded study designed to elucidate the genetic architecture and comorbidities associated with POAG in African Americans, said Joan M.
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Ask the Expert: Glaucoma can cause vision loss
Glaucoma affects almost 2.3 million Americans age 40 and older and is the second leading cause of blindness, if left untreated. In fact, 10 percent of people with glaucoma who receive proper treatment still experience loss of vision. What is glaucoma?
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