Neon Moon Lingerie Is Unapologetically Feminist

Neon Moon Lingerie Is Unapologetically Feminist
“When stretch marks, body hair, cellulite, scars, freckles, and acne would usually be retouched away, Neon Moon embraces it,” she writes on the company's website. “I designed every piece of lingerie so a person's body creates the shape of the bra and …
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Elimina la cellulite con 5 esercizi facili
La cellulite è un'infiammazione correlata alla ritenzione idrica. Per contrastare la pelle a buccia d'arancia, quindi, occorre impostare una strategia diversa rispetto a quando si ha bisogno semplicemente di dimagrire. Per quanto riguarda l …
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You're Doing It Wrong: Dry Brushing to Exfoliate Skin
"Treatments to reduce fat and loosen bands may help with the appearance of cellulite," said the dermatologist. "However, there is no evidence that dry brushing does either of these. There may be temporary swelling of the skin after dry brushing, which …
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