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Fibromyalgia – Neuroinflammatory Disease? Savella – Anti- Inflammatory Drug?
First, they guessed that people with fibromyalgia would have the same increased brain lactate levels that they've found in people with chronic fatigue syndrome. Then they guessed that an “antidepressant” drug (Milnacipran; e.g. Savella) would be able …
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Beyond pain in fibromyalgia: insights into the symptom of fatigue
Fatigue is a disabling, multifaceted symptom that is highly prevalent and stubbornly persistent. Although fatigue is a frequent complaint among patients with fibromyalgia, it has not received the same attention as pain. Reasons for this include lack of …
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Lending a Hand: the Avacen 100 for Fibromyalgia
In 2013, Health Rising covered a study suggesting, though, that the shunts that transfer blood out of the hands of fibromyalgia patients aren't working properly. Rice's 2013 study indicated that FM patients may have trouble releasing the blood locked …
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Fibromyalgia foundation is latest Langley charity to be hit by thieves
That is the question Fibromyalgia Well Spring Foundation Thrift Shoppe volunteers were asking after they arrived at the store on Jan. 7 to find the front door smashed and money missing. Using a piece of concrete left behind at the scene, the thief …
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