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Weekly pill to beat arthritis
The drug has been used for many years to treat rheumatoid arthritis, a completely different form of the disease. It works by dampening down inflammation inside damaged joints, easing pain and restoring mobility. Rheumatoid arthritis strikes when the …

Salmonella Bacteria Induced Reactive Arthritis or Reiter's Syndrome
Reactive Arthritis refers to a group of arthritic diseases that includes a subset formally know as “Reiter's Syndrome” The old term Reiter's syndrome has fallen into disfavor. In recent medical literature Reiter's Syndrome is simply referred to as …
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9 Arthritis Pain Relief Strategies From Those Who Know
Whether it's sharp, dull, or aching in nature, pain is one of the hallmark symptoms of arthritis. Such pain can be severe and debilitating, interfering with your work, relationships, and social life. The following five people live with various types of …
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