#holistic New Day Uric Acid Formula, 60 Cap, Supports Kidney Health with Tart Cherry Milk Thistle Cranberry & Pomegranate Supports The Reduction of Uric Acid That Triggers Gout

Uric Acid Support, 60 Caps | Naturally Supports the Reduction of Uric Acid that Triggers Gout | Supports Kidney Health with Tart Cherry, Milk Thistle, Celery Seed Extract and more | Made in the USA

  • FANTASTIC URIC ACID COMPLEX: Our Natural Herbal Blend Formula helps you conquer your high uric acid levels and supports healthy kidney function. This herbal blend offers excellent benefits when incorporated with a low protein diet.
  • KEEP GOUT IN CHECK: Our uric acid complex may help RELIEVE GOUT SYMPTOMS by keeping your uric acid levels stabilized.  USE daily to help keep inflammation in check.
  • 30 SERVINGS PER BOTTLE: Use as directed and feel welcome to increase the dose at the onset of a Gout flare-up.
  • A HEALTHY DIET & LIFESTYLE:  We Welcome You To Live Your Life Without Compromise With Every Product Offered By New Day Health To Target Your Specific Health Needs.
  • FDA INSPECTED GMP CERTIFIED FACILITY: Making sure our customers get the purest and highest quality products is our top priority. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, then we will refund you no questions asked. Our unique blend includes TART CHERRY, MILK THISTLE, CRANBERRY, POMEGRANATE, Vitamin B6, Chanca Piedra, Celery, Green Coffee Bean, Amla, Bromelain, Yucca, Devils Claw and Turmeric.
#1 Uric Acid Support product that offers excellent Gout Support to aid in regulating your uric acid levels.

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