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    Great Natural Stimulant for Classic ADHD, February 20, 2016

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    This review is from: Motivation Herbal Caffeine Energy Vitamin Supplement, 100 Capsules (Health and Beauty)
    Great Natural Stimulant for Classic ADHD. My son is 11 yrs old and I have him take 1 tablet in the AM and 1 tablet late afternoon before sporting activities. He was diagnosed at 3 yrs of age, so I have been managing his medications for many years. Once the side effects of prescription stimulant medications outweighed the benefits I started looking for other alternatives. It’s been a long road of nonstimulants, dietary changes, therapy, and supplements. I have to say these are the best we have tried for a natural stimulant that helps him focus, retain information better without the wear off effect of prescription stimulants. I would highly recommend trying for classic type ADHD!
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    Dont drink that 3rd pot of coffee just yet…, April 14, 2016

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    This review is from: Motivation Herbal Caffeine Energy Vitamin Supplement, 100 Capsules (Health and Beauty)
    I would like to preface this review by saying I am certainly no stranger to “energy” supplements, from benign to downright dangerous. I am and avid gym rat, and work on my feet all day long. The following are my honestly held opinions and observations of the product.

    It gets one star for its price point. For the quantity of product, this price is very fair.
    Add another star for its natural formulation.
    Tack on one more star for it being a prime product
    The 4th star is due to the additional ingredients contained.
    Finally, the magical 5th star is awarded for being exactly as advertised and effective.

    I have been using Motivation! for two months now. Previously, I was using caffeine anhydrous tablets and drinking coffee for years. My daily caffeine intake rarely exceeded 400mg. I am not overly sensitive to stimulants. Its just my preference to minimize caffeine intake. I have found my quality of sleep is inversely proportional to the amount of caffeine I take in, regardless of the time of day. At the time I transitioned to Motivation!, I had been at a steady dose of a single 200mg tablet of caffeine anhydrous upon waking (0600) for many months. I began Motivation! at the recommended dose, which is also 200mg, and have remained there since. Here are my findings:

    Mg for Mg, this formulation will not give nearly the amount of stimulation as caffeine anhydrous will (or coffee for that matter). This is likely due to the inclusion of theanine into the formula. Its an amino acid analogue that, along with many other reported benefits (feel free to look them up), has been shown to modulate caffeine’s ability to stimulate the CNS, and reduce maximal stimulation.

    Because of the inclusion of theanine, this product will give a much longer lasting increase in alertness. Caffeine anhydrous was usually reliable for 2 hours, whereas this product is fairly reliable for 5-7, depending on activity level.

    I have only ever taken it in the morning upon waking, so I cant speak to its potential for sleep interference, but I can say that after switching from caffeine anhydrous, my sleep quality has slightly improved. I would infer one could use this product fairly late into the day and suffer minimal, if any disturbances in sleep (again, due to theanine).

    There is a very mild, but noticeable increase in cognitive ability not observed with standard caffeine. Ginseng has been purported to augment brain function and cognition, and I suspect that’s what is behind with additional focus.

    There does not seem to be any issue regarding tolerance building. 200mg of this product is just as effective today as it was two months ago.

    Having read many of the reviews for this product, I will say this. DO NOT expect a rapid surge in energy. That is not at all what this product is intended for. Also, if you are accustomed to high doses of stimulants, do not expect this product to be a magic bullet. This formula is great for those who do not like the “wired” feeling, and do not wish to ingest megadoses of caffeine. The recommended “safe” zone for caffeine intake is no more than 400mg per day. Most people are well beyond that after the 4th coffee is finished at 1100. Again, to reiterate, this IS NOT oxy-elite pro (the original formula containing amphetamine analogues). It is a very gentle, but effective product that will produce noticeable results in those who dont already have burned out adrenal glands from using 1000mg+ caffeine per day.

    There is one more issue to discuss, and that is the “proprietary blend”. While this doesn’t effect my views of the product’s efficacy itself, it is something that I find very frustrating. When I use a supplement, I want to know the exact amount of each active ingredient I am getting. Too many supplement companies hide behind the phrase “proprietary blend” as a means of being purposely deceitful to the consumer. I am not accusing this company of such activity, I am just stating my disdain for the old “proprietary blend” chesnut.

    There you have it, denizens of Amazon. If you read my full review, and have realistic expectations, then buy with confidence! Its a great product at a great price!

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