#holistic ASUTRA NATURAL SLEEP THERAPY – 100% Pure Dead Sea Bath Salts – Sweet Dreams, Insomnia Relief -Organic Lavender, Rosemary, Ylang Ylang Essential Oils, Rich in Healing Minerals. 16oz

Asutra, Natural Sleep Therapy, 100% Pure Dead Sea Bath Salts, Sweet Dreams, Insomnia Relief, Organic Lavender, Rosemary, Ylang Ylang Essential Oils, Rich in Healing Minerals, 16oz

  • NATURAL SLEEP THERAPY: Twenty minutes soaking with Natural Sleep Therapy will prepare your mind and body for sweet dreams. Don't be surprised if you fall asleep faster than you think! A unique blend of Dead Sea Salts with organic essential oils of Lavender, Rosemary and ylang ylang which together create a hypnotic and soothing aroma that sticks with you well after leaving the tub.
  • ENJOY DEEP SLEEP BENEFITS: 1 in 3 Americans are sleep deprived, which can leave you feeling tired, run down, irritable and more susceptible to illness and disease. Asutra's Natural Sleep Therapy is designed to relax your muscles and soothe your mind so you can sleep easier.
  • SPA QUALITY / ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Carefully hand blended with pure skin loving essential oils, botanicals and the undeniable therapeutic power of pure Dead Sea Salts. NOTHING ARTIFICIAL: NO chemicals, NO preservatives, NO perfumes, NO fragrances, NO parabens, NO alcohol, NO dyes, NO animal fats, NO petroleum - NONE of the bad stuff!
  • INFUSED WITH ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OILS: As you relax in the tub, breathe in the soothing scents of organic lavender, rosemary and ylang ylang essential oils, which help promote a calm, serene state of mind prior to bedtime. This deeply therapeutic, aromatic, luxurious bath soak helps enhances a feeling of calm while washing away insomnia.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We are so confident you will love "Natural Sleep Therapy" that if it doesn't help you sleep like a baby, then let us know, and we will provide you a FULL REFUND - NO QUESTIONS ASKED. So give it a try - our uniquely formulated Dead Sea bath soaks are therapeutic grade, truly healing and highly effective - guaranteed.
Tired of tossing and turning in bed? Waking up still feeling as if you didn't get any sleep? Are the un-natural sleeping pills taking their toll on your health? This all natural sleep-booster will help you fall asleep faster providing a more restful night's sleep

Get ready to sleep like a baby!

- Contains 100% authentic, pure, mineral rich Dead Sea Salts
- Blended with organic essential oils for mind & body healing aromatherap

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