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A few yeast infection images I found:

yeast infection
Image by emkeller
It’s been a rough week for Lupita. We found a little growth on her eyelid, so we took her to the vet and found that she also has a yeast infection in both ears and will need to have a couple of teeth extracted. No sooner did we bring her back from her trip to the vet, she started limping. We’re not sure what happened, but we postulate it’s from the happy dance she does when it’s time to take a nap with Greg, which involves a lot of lateral jumping for joy.

Alright, so she’s also blind in one eye (kinda born that way), and going deaf (cuz her true love is a saxophone player). But hey, she’s never had any of the breathing problems that pugs and other brachiocephalic dogs are known for (OK, yes, she snores, but so does her saxophone player). But look at that face…we love her!

Tomorrow, a visit to the eye specialist. Her spirits are high, and all of her treatments are going well so far.

Image from page 558 of “Journal” (1882)
yeast infection
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: journals22soci
Title: Journal
Year: 1882 (1880s)
Authors: Society of Chemical Industry (Great Britain) Society of Chemical Industry (Great Britain). Abstracts Society of Chemical Industry (Great Britain). Review Society of Chemical Industry (Great Britain). Transactions and communications
Subjects: Chemistry, Technical
Publisher: London [etc.]
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Text Appearing Before Image:
part of tin rs of which also accompani. – th. specification.—T. II. I. 1 cell- always being smallest. The appearold colonics .>n -..lid media is very characteristicslum- a gianl colony on unhopped wort-gelatin with molelull excrescences. Fig. 2 shows a streak cullwort-agar 11 month- old, showing similar exenabout the sue of a pins head appearing on the<therwi«esmooth shiny surface. These excrescences indicate thepresence of a variety of much larger cells than the normal.Such giant cells are not due to infection, but con- April 15,1903.] JOURNAL AND PATENT LITERATURE.—Ci. XVII. 431 -acial variation or alternation of generations, the pointsippearing generally after about 12 days. Cultures five orsix months old lose the property of forming these points,but regain it after a few cultivations in unhopped wort.The large cells of the excrescences agam produce normaliffspring in an adhesion culture. The most favourabletemperature for the growth of this toiula is from 2.V to Fig. 1.

Text Appearing After Image:
1)0° C; the limits of growth are 7= and 45° C. Both thelarge and the small varieties of cells behave towards most•arbohydrates after the manner of top-fermentation yeast,irith one important exception, viz., towards maltose. Thenormal small cells of a young culture, which constitute the |«nooth portion of a culture on solid media, have no fermen-ative action on maltose ; the large cells, constituting the Fig. 2.

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yeast infection
Image by lukemontague
from the crazy game we played.

"mrs knowles met mr blacktop at kate’s house. she said spank me. he said ooh if i was a lesbian. then she died and he got a yeast infection."


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