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Desert Willow
yeast infection
Image by La.Catholique
Desert willow (Chilopsis linearis). "Flowers leaves, or bark can be used as a hot poultice or a soothing tea for coughing. Other treatments guard against yeast infections, athlete’s foot and a first-aid technique for scrapes and scratches. The plant carries an additional use as an anti-fungal and anti-candida product (yeast). The tea (from the flowers) produces a natural anti-oxidant, which promotes cardiovascular health and regulates glucose metabolism." medplant.nmsu.edu/chilopsis.shtm

yeast infection
Image by greenroofgrower
Ursa, 1994-2008

She was a great dog.

If they’re lucky, all dog owners say the same thing.

I want to leave a few words here about the life of a companion I loved.

Half pure bred Doberman, half big black dog. Given the ears on Ursa and her twin sister Maxine, their mother must have been a lab mix. I got them when they were eight weeks old from the owner of Podhalanka Restaurant, at Division and Ashland.

I’m thinking of her now when she was younger. Black, 85 pounds, all muscle, big triangular Rottweiler head, big chest, tapered waist. When she walked, her body swayed, with her left shoulder going back and left haunch coming forward at the same time. She startled plenty of people who didn’t look at her ears or otherwise see the Lab body parts. She was identical, except in color, in most every way to her litter mate, Maxine. Maxine was/is the friendly one, Ursa the bad guy, at least to strangers.

She’d walk right up to you and rub her ears on the insides of your shins. Smack into your legs with that big head. Hello.

I miss her.

They slept outside in a doghouse I built, until the neighborhood got better and I didn’t worry as much about people breaking in. In the worst weather the two of them were out there with just straw and each other to stay warm. I apologized a long time ago to the dogs about it.

After they permanently came in for the night and once I was no longer married, they started sleeping on half of my queen bed. It’s nice to have a warm body next to you.

She could run.

Before they started cracking down on dogs off-leash at Montrose Beach, c. 1998 or so, I’d take them out there to run around. I remember throwing a tennis ball as far as I could and seeing Ursa take off at a dead sprint, leaping and stretching to get the ball right at the height of her jump.

Another Sunday morning, when it was really foggy, I remember the two of them staying in a prone position on my command while I walked a short distance away. Their heads turning exactly the same way as they watched me. The colors were like something out of a Kodachrome commercial. The wet green grass, the fog obscuring anything beyond 100 feet, the sound of the waves, and two nearly identical dogs resting like sphinxes.

She had bad luck with her health. Chronic yeast infections in her ears that ultimately made her deaf. Two and a half years ago I found a golf ball sized tumor inside her mouth on her lower right gum. It was removed, but came back. With the reassurance of the vet, I decided that it would be worth trying a mandiblectomy. He cut out the front right quadrant of her lower jaw. She was miserable for a month. Even after she taught herself to eat and drink with her rebuilt mouth, the food and water were sprayed everywhere. She kept on going. Amazing. To compensate for the missing part of her jaw, she’d move her mouth all the way to the side of the water bowl, using the side of the container as a way to keep the water from escaping.

In the last couple of years, her muscles started wasting away. In particular, all the muscle mass from the top left side of her skull disappeared. She also went blind in her left eye. In the past few months she’d really slowed down. Two weeks ago, she stopped eating for a week. Losing her balance, unable to walk up or down the stairs. Even after she inexplicably started eating again a week ago, she still struggled; I made and canceled a series of appointments to have her euthanized. I was hoping for the best. It didn’t happen. In the past few days she’d repetitively walk in circles, bumping into walls and the few pieces of furniture I have.

Goodbye Ursa.

April 21, 2008

Butterfly reunion
yeast infection
Image by CameliaTWU (off and on)
This Post oak was leaking sap and lots of butterflies stopped by to get a drink. It seems that the tree has a bacterial infection causing the sap flux.

‘Bacterial fermentation of the sap during warm weather produces gases (often methane), causing pressure in the affected wood. The pressure forces the sap out of the tree by the path of least resistance. This is why the fluxing is usually found near wounds and openings in the bark. The exuding sap will run down the side of the tree, soaking a large area of bark. Once exposed to the air, the sap will become contaminated with other bacteria, yeasts and fungi, resulting in a foul-smelling, slimy, foamy substance. Fluxing of the sap is sometimes referred to as slime flux.’ (utextension.tennessee.edu/publications/Documents/SP631.pdf)

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