#healing Some Lower Cholesterol images

A few lower cholesterol images I found:

Ms. Bento Loves Lentils
lower cholesterol
Image by lynn.gardner
"Lentils and Veggies" recipe is from Betty Crocker’s More Slow Cooker Recipes (Wiley, 2004). It’s a simple stew-like dish of brown lentils, carrots, onion, garlic, thyme, diced tomatoes, and pepper. While it was a little flavorless straight out of the slow cooker, the flavors were markedly improved by a night in the fridge.

This a nice dish for a cold day and quite nutritious — high fiber, low calorie, low fat, and cholesterol free.

Late Fall Edible Oyster Mushrooms
lower cholesterol
Image by Distant Hill Gardens
All Oyster Mushrooms, including the Late Fall Oyster shown here (also called the Green Oyster) are a one of the best non-meat sources of protein (up to 30 percent by dry weight). They are rich in both vitamins D and B-complex, and have no cholesterol. Oyster mushrooms have also been found to help lower blood cholesterol levels due to their high lovastatin content.

Depending on the substrate on which they grow, oyster mushrooms can contain a number of essential minerals including magnesium, iron, manganese and zinc.


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