#healing Some Herpes images

Some herpes images:

Mermaid Princess tales! read real story
Image by Aline Athens
Well like i was telling you all that other day about my herpes, well its not exactily herpes even tho my ex boyfried had it and we’ve made love many many times in tropico. well lets just say I always knew i was a mermaid princess but lol i cant go around telling people i have that special thing on my tail right lol people would be jealous for sure i dont want to cause that kind of feeling for people i want them to be jealous of my beauty not my tail lol anyway i am trapped in my own drama, like, i love being a mermaid i even made a pirate fall in love for me and i drowned him and feed on his desperate drowning soul but lol i love my scratching herpes too and the first time i went to the water the *sparkling lights would shine on ur face* herpes turned up to make grown a mermaid tail and them i was like oh my god gotta find a man who likes fisher sex or what ir gonna be of me ( i am also daughter of aphrodite and half witch) lol goddess of love please take me to your leader lol anyway after beyonce asked me to rent my womb to her and i was like no go find another mermaid, blue is enough, now i want what the water gave me, the blue blood of the seas and she was like she threw me on a fountain and i swimmed away with my beautiful mermaidlike tails she grw so jealous its not like she can have a mermaid wig lol anyway thats my story for now dont tell its a secret.

Herpes and gonorrhea
Image by MeganMorris

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