#healing Some Herbal Supplement images

Some herbal supplement images:

What’s In My Bag – travel edition
herbal supplement
Image by Rooey202
Don’t leave home without it.

basal rosette
herbal supplement
Image by gracey4u

Quiet For A Day
herbal supplement
Image by johngarghan
Millie was spayed during my period locked out of Flickr this became very important as lately she tends to go wondering when I let her out in the garden before bedtime, she is off immediately finding her way round garden fences and there are quite a few other dogs in the area. I dropped her off in the morning and when I returned in the afternoon I didn’t recognize my little dog she was quite dopey and very quiet although she managed enough energy to get the medical collar off within 20 seconds I gave up trying to put it on again and again, within a few days she was back to her old self. Spaying its reckoned will calm a dog down but based on Millies experience don’t expect too much of a difference, I found a much better process is to mix a herbal supplement that was recommended by a lady I met at Crufts its used by show dog owners when they have a dog that gets too excited by the big occasion its harmless and very successful.

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