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Some herbal remedy images:

“Fitzpatricks Temperance Bar” 5 Bank Street, Rawtenstall, Lancashire
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Image by mrrobertwade (wadey)
History of Fitzpatrick’s Herbal Health

The Fitzpatricks, a migrant family from Ireland in the 1880s, came over to Lancashire, England. A family of many herbalists, they turned to building a family run chain of shops throughout Lancashire. These shops dealt in their non-alcoholic drinks, sold herbal remedies, and Cordial bottles. At their peak, the Fitzpatrick family owned a cohort of 24 shops between them, all brewing drinks to the original recipes brought over from Ireland. However, as new drinks came over from America, the Temperance Bars slowly waned away. Fitzpatrick’s, being supported by fiercely loyal customers, was able to survive. The Rawtenstall branch of Fitzpatrick’s was run from 1891 until 1980 by members of the Fitzpatrick family. It is now run by new owners, with the objective of returning Fitzpatrick’s Cordials to the market.
Fitzpatricks is notable for its old copper hot water dispenser which was originally a fixture at the Astoria Ballroom in Rawtenstall, Lancashire.
It is also notable for winning an award as [the country’s] "Best Sarsaparilla Brewer" and picking up an award for its Dandelion & Burdock a year later.
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Common Houseleek
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Image by cristinamonicamoldoveanu
This plant was very dear to me because it stood faithfully over our entrance porch in the countryside, she was there since I was a child. It is said that it has many medicinal uses. In Romanian it is called "urechelnita", which reminds us about its use in ear diseases. I was not lucky the day I made this photo, the new shoots were not visible enough.

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Image by mikaku
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