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… the little girl who left love wherever she went.

Please don’t think this tribute page to Spidie is me, wallowing in self-pity. Spidie was thirteen years old and she and I had ten wonderful years together. The rules of God are indeed set in place and I understand them, respect them and accept them, BUT …

…the thing that amazes me is the good and the love there is in the people of this world. THAT is the message that Spidie leaves as a legacy. Just read the love and caring in the hearts and minds of these people and know there is HOPE for us all.

This is the story I want to tell as background for the messages from all over the world.

For a period of about 15 years, while we lived in Johnson City, TX and then Kerrville, Sherry and I always had at least one dog each, but we had a tendency to collect as we went along. At the time we moved to Kerrville about six years ago, we had four; Sherry had Punky and I had Sammie, Toby and Spidie..

Sammie was a Lassie look-alike and then I collected Big Toby while I was working for the Blanco County Sherriff’s Dept. About the third year we were in Kerrville, Punky, Sammie and Toby died. We moved to Timber Lane, last year with Spidie and Beasley, who Sherry found and purchased in Missouri.

Spidie and I played soccer for about an hour every day for the ten years we were together. The cold weather slowed me down in winter as I got older and as Spidie got older, her hip arthritis slowed her down and when Spring sprung this year, it was the first year she simply didn’t feel like playing, so we just sat around and shared food and head scratching.

Suddenly, she went into renal failure and despite everything Autumn Barbutti, DVM could do simply died. Her last act were super
canine efforts to go looking for a place to die. She would walk outside and go north to the fence and then east to the first corner; about half way down the east side of the yard, she’d lay down and sleep. It was time and with her less than conscious, Sherry and I both loving her with our hearts and hands, Dr. Barbutti administered the relief her body was calling for. I will always miss her, just as I’ve missed all of the beautiful canine friends who have been in my life. Each was so very special in their own way and Spidie was my "soccer girl."

But Spidie doesn’t end there. With the miracle of the internet, people from all over the USA and, in fact, all over the world have sent the love of their words to honor the love Spidie gave to the world. With Spidie’s help, this page will be a monument to the GOOD people of the world. You can read about the bad people in the newspapers every day. Here are their words of love written because of Spidie and her legacy of love and loyalty.

This came from Agra, India …

Respected Sherry & Mr.Bill
After knowing about SPIDIE we feel very very bad about her.May God give her a calm last breath in your arms.
You have seen this world for a long time & you know the rules of God.Nobody can change them,but we are with you in this sorrowful moment .We know it is very painful to lose a family member because dogs are like a family member.
Always with you.
Dharmendra,Prerana & Abhijatya

From Blanco County, Texas …

Dear Bill,
We are so very sorry to learn of Spidie’s transition! We are so sad for you- we know how hard it is to loose a long time friend and companion that gives unconditional love. Spidie was a sweet heart and you will miss her and think of her for a long time. She left you – loving you – but you will be with her again.
You know memories will last forever and Spidie’s memories will stay with you and she will live in your heart forever. You gave her a wonderful life and unconditional
love as she gave you. She could not have had a better soul mate as you!!! You did the right thing by holding her in your arms while she took that last pain free shot!
She did not die alone! That is one thing that Larry and I believe in! No dog nor cat should die alone. We have been with our two dogs when they took their last shot.
Love you Bill and we mourn your loss,
Jerry and Larry

From Houston, Texas …

Oh Bill….my heart just cries for you and I UNDERSTAND so well…. I lost my Sollie Girl the Sat before Easter and she too raised up in my arms as she got that last little bit of "feel better" juice and then received her angel wings…..she had been with me for 15 yrs and 6 weeks….and Norwegian Elkhounds don’t usually live past 12 yrs so she gave me a good long time…..and my house and yard are so empty now….. Sending you prayers to make it thru this traumatic event and to know in your heart of hearts you let her go with LOVE and that now you will have more guardian angels up there watching out for you…..love you….. no need to apologize it’s just sad that our 4 legged friends never live as long as we do…..but the memories….oh the memories…….


From Arlington, Texas …

I got your email about Spidie yesterday and spent some time trying to
think of what to say. Still haven’t thought of anything. I had to put
Jessie down a few years ago and it was really hard. I know this is hard
for you and wish there was something I could do or say to make it easier
for you…and there’s not. Just want to tell you how sorry we are and
express our condolences.

I hope Sherry is in town and will be able to support you during this tough
time. If she’s not let me know and I’ll come down.

Let me know how you’re doing over the next couple of weeks.



From Blanco County Texas …

Dear Bill,

I’m so sad for you. Spidie was a lucky one to have lived life in such a fine, loving home. Greg and I both wish her a "Vaya con Dios" and wishes that her next home is as good and loving as this one has been. Much love, Greg and Jackie

From Denmark …

Hi Bill, my dear friend.

It’s sad loosing a good friend. I know. I still miss my dog Pelle, who died almost two eyears ago. We meet again, all of us. We got a deal, you and I. That one who arrives to heaven first has to keep the place next, you remember.


From Cuneo, Italy …

Sorry, Bill, to hear this….My brother had a labrador, his name was Ivan…He died when was thirteen year old,last August….But I’m sure that Ivan and Spidie will run together in the heavenly prairies..

From Kerrville, Texas

Bill we are keeping you and Sherry in our prayers, it is like losing a child when an animal is so close to you and your heart and it passes away…..remember God loves animals to and especially DOGs see backwards God spells DOG and you know he did that on purpose, he knows how caring these precious animals are to us……so know that even when Spidie gets to heaven she will be taken care of royally…
Love you both
Michele & Frank

From Duba, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia …

Dear Bill,

I feel very grateful because you are sharing with me a very personal matter.
really my tears going out of my eyes when i read that
I feel realy very sorry for you and Spidie, of course.
such event is always very sad and I understand you very well.
It seems you have not been lucky these last months with your dogs !
How old is Spiddie ?
I think that it is not fair to have a dog suffering and the best thing to do,
is what you are doing on Monday …
My thoughts are going to you and I will be with you that day.
Take care, dear friend.
Sincerely and friendly

Sad news, indeed, Bill. Loved ones, animals or humans, are difficult to bid goodbye. Wish I could help.

In the Austin paper today is the notice of the death of Landon Curry, both a geologist and artist. He graduated from UT in geology and from Univ CC in art. He also received the Maestro en Bellas Artes from the Instituto Allende, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico . I will send the obit along if you would like to have it.

From Austin, Texas

We are in that stage in life when these sad events occur with increasing frequency. We can be grateful for the combination of circumstances that have allowed us four score and more years.

Just keep on keeping on,


(more to follow)

Image from page 64 of “Dr. Evans’ How to keep well;” (1917)
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Identifier: drevanshowtokee00evan
Title: Dr. Evans’ How to keep well;
Year: 1917 (1910s)
Authors: Evans, William Augustus, 1865- [from old catalog]
Subjects: Medicine, Popular Hygiene Sanitation
Publisher: New York, Pub. for Sears, Roebuck and co. by D. Appleton and company
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called the tonsils,has been thrown up. Unfortunately, the tonsils contain one structure in addition to the lymphnodes. On the surface are ten to twelve deep pockets, called crypts. Thecrypts are about one-third to two-thirds of an inch deep. There are many theories as to these crypts. Some think that bacteriagrow in them; that they act as test tubes and that the toxins being absorbedconstantly in time make one immune; in other words, that they do good. Being deep, narrow, blind pouches, they do not easily clean themselves.In fact, they are extremely apt to fill up with decomposing epithelium bacteriaand remnants. Such are the little, round, offensive balls which some peoplefind at times in their mouths. In recent years physicians have found pneumococci, or one of the puscocci, in these crypts in many cases of rheumatism and rheumatic arthritis. There are those who think the tonsillar crypts serve as a purpose andothers who think they do harm. I think the best arguments are with the 15

Text Appearing After Image:
Fig. 8.—Throat Inspection. 16 THE TONSILS latter group. In filing specifications to a bill of complaint, I think we shouldinclude the tonsillar crypts. There is much controversy over the lymph gland portion of the tonsil.Some think it helps to make blood; others that it protects the body againstdisease; others that it helps in other ways. On the other hand there is a large group which thinks the tonsil serves nogood purpose at all, whether well or sick. In a discussion before the staff of Mount Sinai Hospital, Dr. Freedmansummarized his views with this sentence: Removal of the tonsil does not remove from.the body any organ or tissueabsolutely necessary to the system, but, if not diseased, Us removal has left theindividual with one defense less/ If a foreign body gets by the lymph tissues in the tonsil, it still has topass through some glands in the upper part of the neck below the angle of thejaw. If it gets by these it has to run by a third barrier, deeper and lowerdown in the neck

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