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Image from page 426 of “Wild Spain … records of sport with rifle, rod, and gun, natural history and exploration” (1893)
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Identifier: wildspainrecords00chaprich
Title: Wild Spain … records of sport with rifle, rod, and gun, natural history and exploration
Year: 1893 (1890s)
Authors: Chapman, Abel, 1851-1929 Buck, Walter John
Subjects: Hunting — Spain Game and game-birds — Spain
Publisher: London, Gurney and Jackson
Contributing Library: University of California Libraries
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Text Appearing Before Image:
the sun, andremain thus exposed for from one to three days, when theyare ready for the press. The long wooden troughs, or IcKjarcs, having beenpartially filled with grapes, a couple of swarthy bare-legged fellows in striped shirts, and leathern shoes studdedwith broad-headed nails, jump into each Icuiar and, afterspreading out the bunches, commence footing it ankle-deep among the crushed fruit, while the juice pours forththrough spouts into casks placed to receive it. The mendance with a rapid swaying movement which is held toexpress the juice from the grapes in a more satisfac-tory manner than can be accomplished by any knownmechanical appliance. After being trodden, the grapes are finally subjected tothe action of a screw, which is fixed over the centre of eachlagar. The pile of half-crushed fruit is enclosed in a bandof esparto-matting, and the handles of the screw beingturned, a wooden slab descends, and the remaining juicepours forth through the interstices of the esparto, and is

Text Appearing After Image:
bo a O ao 1-5 55 a s ON VITICULTURE IN SPAIN AND PORTUGAL. 829 collected in the butts beneath. These casks, as tilled, arehoisted upon bullock-carts, and sent jolting away to theJerez bodegas. The rindiiiiia, or vintage, is always an animated scene,whether on the gently undulating vine lands of Aiidalucia,or in Portugal, on the steep terraced slopes of the moun-tains which shut in the wild Alto Douro. x\far acrossthose Lusitanian glens resound the musical chant andcharacteristic sing-song ditties of the Gallegan peasantry—like cicadas, they sing and answer each other fromhill to hill the livelong day, the happy, despised, bond-slaves of the Peninsula, who, at vintage-time, flock fromtheir rude barren province of Galicia to revel in abun-dance in the Alto Douro on a couple of testoons, say,tenpence a day, supplemented by an allowance of oil, afew salted sardines, rice, and stock-fish, and of hwa, ormaize-bread, and the accommodation of mother-earth tosleep upon, with a roof overhead

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Parkhotel-Igls_Panorama-Fitnessraum-mit Aussendeck
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Image by marketing deluxe
Medieninformation Oktober 2013

Parkhotel Igls wirkt medizinische Wunder – Doppelt ausgezeichnet als weltbestes „Destination Spa“

Erst vergangenen Monat kürten die Leser des renommierten Reisemagazins Condé Nast Traveller das Parkhotel Igls zum „World’s Best Destination Spa 2013“. Nun folgt eine weitere internationale Auszeichnung für das Gesundheitszentrum über den Dächern von Innsbruck, die dieses Mal von einer Jury vergeben wurde: der Tatler Spa Award 2014 in der Kategorie „BEST FOR MEDICAL MARVELS“.

Das Erscheinen des Tatler Spa Guides wird alljährlich mit Spannung erwartet: Die Publikation ist ein Synonym dafür, was international im Spa- und Wellnesssegment angesagt und gefragt ist. Die 2014-Ausgabe des Tatler Spa Guides wurde am 30. September im schicken Bulgari Hotel in London lanciert. Zum ersten Mal ist der renommierte Guide in zwei vollkommen getrennte Sektionen gesplittet und stellt die zentrale Frage: „Are you a Hedonist or a Purist?“ Neben den besten Rückzugsorten für Hedonisten mit einem Verwöhn-Programm im Mittelpunkt widmet sich „Purist“ dem Thema Gesundheit und reicht von medizinischen Gesundheitschecks und Detox bis hin zu Yoga und Fitnessprogrammen. Das Tatler-Spa-Team setzt mit diesem neuen Zugang und seinem jüngsten Insiderwissen einen Meilenstein für die gesamte Spa-Branche.

Mag. Andrea Gnägi, Geschäftsführerin des Parkhotel Igls, und Dr. Peter Gartner, medizinischer Leiter des Hauses, reisten von Innsbruck nach London, um eine der nur sechs begehrten Trophäen überreicht zu bekommen. Im Rahmen einer glamourösen Gala nahmen sie von Francisca Kellett, Tatlers Reise-Chefredakteurin, sowie von Suzanne Duckett, Chefredakteurin des Spa Guides, den Tatler Spa Award 2014 in der Kategorie „BEST MEDICAL MARVELS“ in Empfang. Diese Auszeichnung ist eine Anerkennung für die Moderne Mayr-Medizin im Parkhotel Igls sowie für dessen Fachkompetenz und Qualifikation auf diesem Spezialgebiet. Frühdiagnostik in Kombination mit modernsten schulmedizinischen Methoden, die Regeneration des Verdauungssystems sowie weitreichende Veränderungen im Lebensstil bewirken positive Ergebnisse und beugen Krankheiten vor. Das Gesundheitszentrum Parkhotel Igls ist der ideale Ort, um körperliche Gesundheit sowie emotionales und geistiges Gleichgewicht zu erlangen.

Über das Gesundheitszentrum Parkhotel Igls
Seit der Wiedereröffnung im Oktober 2009 hat das Parkhotel Igls zahlreiche internationale Awards und Auszeichnungen erhalten und bestätigt damit seine Position innerhalb der weltbesten „Destination Spas“. Das Parkhotel Igls bietet unter der ärztlichen Leitung von Dr. Peter Gartner eine hervorragende Diagnostik sowie ein individuell abgestimmtes Bewegungs-, Ernährungs- und Regenerations-Konzept auf Basis der Modernen Mayr-Medizin. Neben 42 Zimmern und 9 Suiten verfügt das Haus über eine exzellente medizinische Abteilung und ein bestens ausgestattetes Spa. Großzügige Entspannungs-, Gymnastik- und Fitnessräume mit der neuartigen Lauftechnik Kybun® und das exklusive TheMedGolf®-Institut sind weitere Annehmlichkeiten. Die Moderne Mayr-Cuisine mit acht Stufen für ein nachhaltiges Fasten ist wesentlicher Bestandteil des innovativen Angebots.


Photo-Credit: Parkhotel Igls

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Media Information October 2013

Tatler announces Spa Awards 2014
Parkhotel Igls in the Austrian Tyrol: BEST FOR MEDICAL MARVELS

The launch of the Tatler Spa Guide is always a much anticipated event – the publication is a leader amongst Spa supplements and a quintessential reference for the now worldwide Spa & Wellbeing sector. The 2014 Spa Guide was launched at London’s über chic Bulgari Hotel on 30 September by Tatler’s travel editor Francisca Kellett and Spa Guide editor Suzanne Duckett, in association with Healing Holidays. For the first time, the Tatler Spa Guide is presented in two entirely separate sections and asks: are you a hedonist or a purist? Intent on indulgence, want to lounge around in a fluffy robe, swill Champagne and snaffle up chocolate truffles? Or are you looking for purity and a place to crank up the health factor with a Spa MOT? With this fresh approach and its up-to-the-minute insider knowledge, the Tatler Spa team marks a milestone for the entire Spa industry.

The Tatler Spa Guide for Purists
Andrea Gnägi MAG, Managing Director of Parkhotel Igls, and her Medical Director Dr Peter Gartner, flew in from Innsbruck to receive one of just six trophies and became Tatler Award Winner 2014 for BEST MEDICAL MARVELS. This award confirms the Parkhotel Igls’ status as one of the world’s best medical destination spas and pays tribute to the Modern Mayr Medicine, their expertise and qualifications in this highly specialised field. Early diagnostics based on conventional medicine, regeneration of the digestive system and far reaching lifestyle changes invariably show positive results and counteract illness. The Health Retreat Parkhotel Igls is the perfect place to achieve your goals for physical health as well as emotional and mental balance. This award confirms the Parkhotel Igls’ status as one of the world’s best medical destination spas and pays tribute to the Parkhotel Igls’ Modern Mayr Medicine and its expertise in this highly specialised field.

Quotation Tatler Spa Guide 2014

‘Doctor, doctor! 24/7 emergency repair
PARKHOTEL IGLS, Innsbruck, Austria

Feeling pudgy? Exhausted? You need a dose of Parkhotel Igls. High in the Tyrol, this modern Mayr will re-energise you, while handily tucking in your waistline. Yes, there is the requisite morning shot of Epsom salts – bitter and alarmingly fast-acting. Yes, there is the milk and the leathery spelt bread and the endless mantra to ‘chew, chew, chew’. But by day three, depending on the diet (there are eight) you could be chewing on a saddle of venison or dumplings with ginger confit. Yes, really. Dr Peter Gartner, the fresh-faced medical director, believes that early diagnosis and prevention are the keys to a long and vibrant life. So – hey presto! – meet the one-week medical MOT: daily blood analysis, ECG’s, physiotherapy and lung-function tests, not to mention ultrasounds of all your organs and tubes. It’s serious stuff, all crisp white coats and clipboards, but ever so friendly. In between pokes and prods are bracing massages and dips in the Kneipp pool. Afternoons are active – Nordic walking with Alice, aqua gym with Michael – but you can have a nap too, because diagnostics and detoxing are knackering. By the end of the week you’ll have a handle on any medical issues and be pounds lighter. What’s not to love?’

‘World’s Best Destination Spa 2013’
Just 4 weeks previously the Parkhotel Igls added ‘World’s Best Destination Spa 2013’ to its impressive string of international accolades. During the presentation ceremony for the Condé Nast Traveller Readers’ Travel Awards 2013 – held in London on 2 September – the magazine’s editor Melinda Stevens announced that their discerning readership had given Parkhotel Igls the worldbeating score of 93.54/100 in the Destination Spa category.

Parkhotel Igls is set in its own natural park and located at 900m altitude in the heart of Austrian Tyrol. The Medical Destination Spa is spacious, restful and elegant. All 51 comfortable rooms & suites benefit from private balconies and stunning panoramic views. The spa has a spectacular indoor pool with a hydrotherapy section, saunas, Kneipp circuit and rooms for a wide range of treatments, physiotherapy, Kybun training, group exercise and yoga.


Photo-Credit: Parkhotel Igls

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