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lower cholesterol
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lower cholesterol
Image by Thirteen Of Clubs
Feb 18th, 2011
(TL;DR I have cancer)

A little before the new year, I found a lump in my left armpit. I went in to get it checked out, got my first physical in a few years while I was at it. My blood pressure and cholesterol are good, but my vitamin D is really low.

Doc prodded at lump for a while, but couldn’t quite tell what it was, and chest x-rays didn’t show anything, so I got scheduled for a CT scan. Radiologist identified the lump as an enlarged lymph node. Recommended removing it for closer study.

Went in a few weeks later for an open biopsy to take the lymph node out. After a few days the surgeon called to let me know that it contained lymphoma cells.

I’ve got an appointment with an oncologist on Tuesday, so more info then.

Right now, aside from minor pain from surgery, I feel pretty much 100%. There’s a lot of info on lymphoma online, but there are so many different kinds, none of the info really tells me anything. One of the more interesting things I’ve learned while trawling wikipedia is that there is a disease called, Bird Fancier’s Lung, which is the funniest disease I’ve ever head of. Although, when I told my brother, he linked me to Black Hairy Tongue, which is pretty good too.

Right now I’m looking forward to finding out what exactly I have, as well as some treatment induced weight loss. I’m also kinda looking forward to more hospital time. I’ve found that lounging around in a gown is actually pretty relaxing.

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