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Secrets of the pumpkin
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Image by HealthGauge
Each year innocent pumpkins are needlessly carved into macabre jack o’lanterns and then lain to waste. But this needn’t be the case, as under their orange surface pumpkins hide a number of health benefits.

A pumpkin gourd is a plant of the family Cucurbitaceae and relative of the squash, cucumbers and melon. Its orange colour gives away a number of clues as to the types of nutritens hidden within. They include,

– Alpha and Beta Carotene: Carotene is what gives the pumpkin its orange colour. It also helps the body to generate Vitamin-A which supports a number of health aspects including vision, skin, the immune system and also acts as an antioxidant. Over-consumption however can result in orange skin or even more serious side effects.
– Lutein: It is believed that lutein may help the body to deal with absorbing blue light through the skin, and can protect the eyes from the the damaging free radicals it produces. Evidence has shown that those with a higher lutein intake are at a lower risk of conditions like cataracts in later life. In excessive amounts it can also result in a bronzing of the skin.
– Protein, magnesium, copper, zinc and fatty acids: All of these are contained in the pumpkin seed and have a number of positive health benefits whilst also serving as a tasty snack option.
– Phytochemicals: Research has shown that these chemicals can help to reduce cholesterol and glucose levels in the body and may also having the potential to affect diseases such as cancer, stroke or metabolic syndrome.

Pumpkins also provide an easily digested starchy carbohydrate. So this Halloween, rather than filling up on trick or treat candy, eat your jack o’lantern instead (minus the candle of course).


Bankrout Time
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Image by Nwardez
Les lois ne sont pas faites pour défendre les individus contre l’Etat, mais pour défendre l’Etat contre les individus. [Molotov]

Choisir la vie. Choisir un boulot. Choisir une carrière. Choisir une famille. Choisir une putain de télé à la con, choisir des machines à laver, des bagnoles, choisir des platines laser, des ouvres-boîtes électroniques. Choisir la santé, un faible taux de cholestérol et une bonne mutuelle. Choisir les prêts à taux fixes. Choisir son petit pavillon, choisir ses amis. Choisir son survêt’ et le sac qui va avec. Choisir son canapé, avec les deux fauteuils, le tout à crédit avec un choix de tissus de merde. Choisir de bricoler le dimanche matin en s’interrogeant sur le sens de sa vie. Choisir de s’affaler sur ce putain de canapé, et se lobotomiser au jeux télé en se bourrant de Mc Do. Choisir de pourrir à l’hospice et de finir en se pissant dessus dans la misère en réalisant qu’on fait honte aux enfants niqués de la tête qu’on a pondu pour qu’ils prennent le relais. Choisir son avenir, choisir la vie. Pourquoi je ferai une chose pareille ? J’ai choisi de pas choisir la vie, cette vie. J’ai choisi autre chose. Les raisons ? Y’a pas de raisons.

Choose life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose a fucking TV in the con, choose washing machines, cars, choose laser turntables and electronic opener. Choose health, low cholesterol and good mutual understanding. Choose fixed-rate loans. Choose a small flag, choose your friends. Choosing your survet ‘and the bag that goes with it. Choose the sofa with two armchairs, all on credit with a choice of fabrics merde. Choose tinkering on Sunday morning wondering about the meaning of his life. Choose s’affaler on the fucking couch and TV games to lobotomiser by stuffing Mc Do. Choose rotting at the hospice and end by pissant it in achieving the poverty that shames municated to children of the head have been laid to take over. Choosing your future, choose life. Why I will such a thing? I chose not to choose life, that life. I chose something else. Why? There’s no reason.

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