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Image from page 103 of “The arts and crafts of our Teutonic forefathers” (1910)
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Identifier: artscraftsofourt00brow
Title: The arts and crafts of our Teutonic forefathers
Year: 1910 (1910s)
Authors: Brown, Gerard Baldwin, 1849-1932
Subjects: Decorative arts, Germanic Art, Germanic Germanic peoples — Jewelry Decoration and ornament, Germanic
Publisher: London, Edinburgh, T. N. Foulis
Contributing Library: Wellesley College Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Wellesley College Library

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eir power was shifted to Spain, where the Visi-gothic kingdom of Toledo survived till the adventof the Moors in 711 a.d. It follows from this brief account of the Visigoths,that we should naturally look for their remains firstof all in Hungary and Rumania where they passeda tranquil hundred years, and next in Spain andthe south of France which they held for somecenturies. With the Balkan peninsula, Italy, andwestern France, their contact was rather of apassingkind, and they were succeeded in each region byother Teutonic peoples. H ence though the treasureof Petrossa and the votive crowns found near Toledoin Spain may be confidently accepted as Visigothic,the products of the cemetery at Herpes on theCharente in western France, where this peoplewere succeeded in 507 by the Franks, are of lessassured provenance. For the exciting cause of the Visigothic invasionof Italy and the West we must go back to about theyear i^]6 a.d., when the Huns pressed in from the 71 MIGRATIONS AND SETTLEMENTS

Text Appearing After Image:
Movements of the Huns to timeof Attila, c. 376-450 A.D. east upon the Gothic peoples then settled in southernRussia and in Hungary. The Visigoths weredriven Q across the Danube, see Maps G and H, andafter raiding the Balkanpeninsula and defeat-ing in 378 the legionsof the Emperor Valensat Hadrianople, beganthose marches towardsthe west which landedthem in Rome in theeventful year a.d. 410.Map I gives their subsequent movements, at whichwe have already glanced.Meanwhile the impactof the Huns had driventhe Ostrogoths into theinterior, and for the nextthree-quarters of a cen-tury most of them remain-ed in subjection to theirMongolian conquerors, • 1 ^ T 1 1 rA The Visigoths (I.) to Alarics First until alter the death ot At- invasion of Italy, 400 a.d.tila in 452, when with the rest of the tributary Ger-mans they shook themselves free of the odious des- 72 H

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