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Conradi: Kurze Abhandlung von den Krankheiten der Zähne und deren Kur – Title Page
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This very interesting book by Johann Conradi is listed in WorldCat as being available in only two libraries — the National Library of Medicine, and the University of Michigan Dentistry Library. UM scanned the book and has made it available online, free, as both page images and a rough translation.

This beautiful book is fascinating both for its design and content. It was written as a kind of managerial summary for the King of Denmark, and is loosely based on the early work of Pierre Fauchard. It includes descriptions of typical diseases of thet teeth and mouth, from teething through the disorders of the elderly mouth, including recipes for many herbal remedies for these.

Title: Sr. konigliche majest. zu Dannemark, Norwegen etc. Hof-Mund und Zahn-Arztes Johann Gottfried Conradi, Kurze Abhandlung von den Krankheiten der Zahne und deren Kur : nebst einer kurzen Anweisung, dieselben schon und weiss zu erhalten. Nicht nur zum Nutzen der jungen Anfanger der Zahnarzenen-kunst, sondern auch fur alle und jede, die ihre Zahne sauber und gesund haben wollen, ans Licht gestellet.
Author: Conradi, Johann Gottfried, 1702-1776.
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