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Biggest Bodybuilder is Vegetarian – 7ft tall 435 pounds Massive Muscle Great Khali vs Car – Now What
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Image by Vegetarian-Vegan-Bodybuilding-Info

At 7 feet 3 inches tall, he dwarfs Ronnie Coleman who would come up only to about the vegetarian bodybuilder’s arm-pit.

His name is Dalip Singh and he is the star of many movies, including Get Smart, and The Longest Yard starring Adam Sandler. He’s been a Powerlifter and a champion in the WWE.

He owns a National Bodybuilding Title.

He is so massively muscled, he would out weigh Arnold Schwarzenegger by TWO Arnolds put together, and tower over him like a man towers over a child.

He is friends with Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates who looks small next to him. And he is married and has a beautiful wife and family. He is also a Police Officer.

He is the most massively muscled bodybuilder on the planet, and all of his muscle was derived all on a plant-based diet!

Steak and Meat contains feminine estrogen so men who eat steak slowly become more feminine. This is why one kind of steak is called Tenderloin. Because eating steak gives you a ‘tender’ loin. Plants do not contain mammalian estrogen, this is why virtually all the top proteins in the world, including in bodybuilding nutrition places are all vegetarian. Witness for yourself, there’s no chicken powder, no fish flavored protein bars, there’s no jugs of dried blood in GNC stores, there’s no packets of pork shakes. Ever notice that? Why? Because meat is a horrible source of protein. All the smarter Bodybuilders know that. It’s only the under-educated and those not up on diet and science that still believe the old ‘wives’ tale that you need meat to obtain protein. Think about it. To any person who thinks there’s No protein in plants and meat equals protein or "is" a protein…where’d the cow obtain all that protein from then? Hmm? Cows don’t eat meat, so how’d that cow grow so massively muscled? Hm? Yes, that’s right. Plants contain MORE protein than meat. And every single bit of that protein that people believe is in that steak came from PLANTS! The only difference is, steak eaters are eating vegetarian’s ‘sloppy seconds’. Meat eaters are eating stuff that’s been put into an animal’s mouth first, and all chewed and comes out the other end. Vegetarians are getting food and all their protein fresher. From the original fresh green source. That’s all.

Plus, meat’s linked to rectal cancer. Meat eaters have higher rates of obtaining tumors around their nether-regions. Men who eat meat eventually get growths in and around their seat. Don’t think so? Just put "Meat Cancer" into any search engine, like Google, and see what comes up. Vegetarians are more muscular, and do not have these problems.

Also, the Paleo Diet’s been linked to Celiac disease. Huge numbers of Paleos may have celiac. Celiac disease has been linked to mental problems such as Schizophrenia. In other words, if you have a friend who’s bragging about being Crossfit, or Paleo, and brags about how they have so many problems from eating wheat or gluten, that’s a warning sign that Paleo or anti-grain lowcarb dieter may have Celiac disease. Scientific studies show that Paleos may have Celiac, and Celiac is linked to Schizophrenia. Celiacs are 3x as likely to be Schizophrenics. Thus, it’s now been found, that huge numbers of Paleolithic Caveman dieters who are going around raving and making up pseudo-scientific looking articles and blogs and so forth, may simply have a mental issue, and may simply be mentally unstable. Many Paleos who have been found raving have turned out to be Schizoid. Didn’t know this? Well, just put "Celiac Schizophrenic" into google and you’ll see it for yourself. The Paleo Diet itself has been scientifically debunked (by actual paleontologists and scientists including archeologists at the National Academy of Sciences). It turns out that the guy who authored the paleo diet books wasn’t qualified as a Paleontologist whatsoever, he has a degree in Gym class. (Phys Ed teacher). He’s never been once on an archeological dig, and made the whole thing up. It’s now been proven Cavemen ate grains. (Just put "stone age man ate grain" into google if you heard from Paleo frauds that ‘man didn’t eat grain’ and you’ll find out the truth yourself that’s a paleo fad diet lie). Turns out man’s ancestors all the way back through time, prior to Homohabilis, including Australopithecus africanus, Ardipithecus, Paranthropus, all of these ancestors of humans turned out to be vegetarian. Paleos were just hiding it. They only went so far back, then hid the fact that BEFORE that, man’s ancestors originated as vegetarian and it was only after man started artificailly cooking it later that man could even begin to eat significant amounts of meat because if you eat meat raw or from a scavenged carcass, it’s putrefied and decayed, stinks, and is one of the most horrible rotted flesh smells worse than a corpse, avoided by humans, not smelling amazingly tasty, and its infected with bacteria and viruses like swine flu, bird flu viruses, sars, herpes, and meat was the source of hiv aids. So before vegetarians invented fire, humans could never eat meat. Eating meat would have lead to the sickness, death, and extinction of the human race from parasitic worms, infected bacteria, and viral plagues of zoonotic diseases that all come from Meat. Not plants. This is why meat-diets are now regarded as Un-natural, and why red meat is linked to bladder cancer, rectal cancer, stomach cancer, prostate cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, and all kinds of nasty infectious diseases. (Go put "Butcher’s Warts" into GOOGLE right now and look it up if you don’t believe it). Ladies, if you have a man who eats meat, you’d better look up "Butchers warts" right now. Vegetarian men are more muscular, have more stamina, smell better, do not have this problem.

SciFoo 2012
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Image by jurvetson
At Google this weekend. On display here is one of the early production servers, with four motherboards jammed on each shelf and cork sheets inserted in between. It overheated quite easily, so they built a wall of fans on the backside.

Here is today’s agenda. I have removed all of the names of the cool people leading these talks since there are Chatham House rules in effect.

So many sessions I want to see… I am in this session now: "What if extinction is not forever?"
It is quickly becoming feasible to reconstitute the genomes of vanished species using genetic material from preserved specimens and archaeological artifacts. Three different techniques are being deployed. Revivals already under way include mammoths, aurochs, and passenger pigeons. Candidate species include the dodo, the Carolina parakeet, the thylacine (Tasmanian tiger), and the Xerces blue butterfly. If we can actually revive an extinct species, should we? If so, why bother? Are some species more desirable, valuable, or ethical to bring back than others? Is it ethical to “improve” a revived species—for example to make a formerly extinct bird resistant to avian malaria? Do revived species have a “right” to be returned to the wild? Should revived species be treated as genetically modified organisms? In this session we can discuss the rapidly evolving science making all this possible and the downstream implications and opportunities.

Here is the lineup… So many great ones overlap. Sadly, right now, I’m missing the trillion-fps camera imaging the movement of light. Decisions, decisions…

•What happens if we don’t do anything about climate change? and what do we do about it if things go horribly awry?
•Robots (nanotechnological, synthetical biological, intelligent, for control) To Solve The Brain (understanding, fixing)
•Experiments in (informal) education: what can one magazine do?
•The coming war on general purpose computing and the civil war that comes after.
•Impostor Syndrome (and the culture of science)
•Spidersilk using silk worms.
•Smartphones to save lives, prevent disaster
•Open access commoditizing science – what next?
•What is Time

•Neuroprediction: Does your brain predict if you will do bad things? p.s. all about psychopaths
•Optogenetics & Neural Imaging & Dynamics of the single cell
•Reversing climate change, land, air, ocean.
•What can new imaging hardware and software solve next? Trillion frames per second. Look around corners
•A fundamental problem in digital systems.
•De-Extinction: Practices and Prospects
•What I learned by doing capitalism and what you need to know
•Future of music
•Funding Science

•Will the human race cause its own extinction
•Discovering new materials by computation.
•Data driven societies.
•Grand challenges in neuroscience.
•Long tails and big heads: Big data in science.
•Consumer biotechnology ie tissue engineering meat, leather, and other daily needs.
•What can we invent to raise the level of public discourse even slightly? A face to face debate platform on the internet
•Information that lives – digital lives and intelligent agents
•Detecting asteroids before they hit us.


•Starshade show & Tell. Hunting Exo-Earths and aliens
•Can "big data" solve healthcare?
•Art/Science Collaborations. Visualizing biology, conservation, innovative data exploration, and more.
•Internet education for teachers.
•City science.
•Open Science FTW – Oopen access, open data.
•Visual Music Brain Synesthesia;
•Stealth diagnostics Hidden biosignals & communicity health.
•The brain’s flaws as a computational device. How they shape our lives.
•Fighting against anti-science and winning – new strategies.

•Your genome, your health. How long will we just kick the tyres of your car?
•Ocean acidification.
•Do we have free will and why does it matter?
•Big data sets and using them intelligently e.g. climate data,
•Storytelling vs the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Also, comics
•DIY and makers as international policy. Jose Gomez-Marquesz TH Culhane (fuel from garbage electricity , aluminum demo)
•What Microbes are on you your phone.
•a new artificial intelligence Brains Minds Machines
•Revolutionizing Education.
•The reproducibility crisis in biology.

•Tenure from Tweets? evaluation beyond citations
•African floating communities.
•Large-scale learning on the internet & Talking to the brain in its own language. Making prosthetic devices that work.
•Role of the ocean in carbon and climate.
•Biohacking and citizen synthetic biology How far can we go?
•Visual Tools for Science and Engineering.
•Do or should humans have an off world future?
•Ignorance – can we admit it and keep credibility?
•Demo SharkFinder Citizen Science Kits

•Emotions in motion. Get acquainted in nonverbal communication
•Post Natural History and the Future of Evolution.
•The technology and politics of spectrum ( the invisible resource you need) Why you need to understand more.
•Science Diplomacy
•Cheap energy, growth, global change.
•Build a puzzle/sculpture. I brought the parts, can you assemble them?
•Nature Porn – pollination, mushrooms etc. How beauty and seduction is nature’s tool for survival. Film shorts & brief talks.
•Haploid stem cells and the future of disease genetics
•Smartphone science. Primary v suppport v citizen .
•Grand challenges in biology.
•"Scientific analysis on all the world’s satellite images. Earth engine demo.

•Organizational Manipulation: how to social engineer your company, university, grantor, or colleagues
•fMRI Brain Reaction so what?
•IP & patents in biotech/education/community labs etc. What are the issues? What needs fixing? What’s the future?
•Economics Comedy with stand-up economist + open-mic if desired
•Imagining post capitalism: a call for help.
•Of course Mars has life, but does Europa?
•Automating science to Accelerate Discovery with Demo
•The coming age of brain decoding.
•Images & Anecdotes from 17 years of astronomy picture of the day.
•Scaling research up – moving outside the lab with demo of smartphone brain scanner.
•Will the microbiome and inflammation explain all diseases?

Sandy Tejada
anti aging
Image by Clothes, Bags & Accessories
Photographer: Genesis Gideon Gonzales
Model: Sandy F. Tejada

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