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Image by Mr D Logan

Image by Mr D Logan

Image from page 568 of “Modern manners and social forms” (1892)
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Identifier: modernmannerss00smil
Title: Modern manners and social forms
Year: 1892 (1890s)
Authors: [Smiley, James Bethuel] [from old catalog]
Subjects: Manners and customs Etiquette Beauty, Personal
Publisher: Chicago, Ill., J. B. Smiley [etc., etc.]
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
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lips, they shouldbe promptly submitted to medical examination. Chaps and Roughness of the Lips.—Whenthese affections occur as the result of cold, or fromimpaired nutrition of the mucous membrane, the follow-ing emollient is probably as good as any known: Take of white wax 2 drachms. Spermaceti 2 drachms. Glycerine 2 drachms. Almond oil 2 drachms. Melt these together in an earthern pot over a slowfire, and mix them thoroughly. By retaining the sameproportions the quantity made can be increased ordiminished. For dry lips the above is also a most excellentpreparation. Half a drachm of rose-water may beadded, after the mixture cools, to perfume it whendesired. For chaps, glycerine alone is good; and so, also, iscold cream. Eruptions.—The littleblueish eruptions that makethe lips sore may be treated with an alkaline pomadelike the following: Take one-half ounce of white wax,one-half ounce of almond oil, and nine grains of carbonateof soda. Mix, and rub on the lips. Another good lotion

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THE MADONNA OF THE THUMB.(561) THE MOUTH AND TEETH. 563 for eruptions on the lips is the following: Take onescruple of tannin, one gill of water, and six drops ofessence of bergamot. Mix thoroughly, and apply witha soft linen cloth. Fever Blisters.—These should not be rubbed orscratched. Every three or four hours they may betouched with the following: Take one teaspoonful ofglycerine, ten drops of carbolic acid, and two drops ofattar of roses. Mix. Herpes Labialis, as it is called, an eruption whichattacks the lips, we have previously treated among theAffections of the Skin (which see). Pale Lips.—This is usually an indication of debility.In such cases, constitutional treatment may be required.A simple local treatment is to rub them briskly with atooth-brush or a woolen cloth. This calls the blood tothe surface, and the glow will often last for hours. Cay-enne lozenges, moistened and rubbed over the lips, willdeepen the color by stimulating the blood vessels. Aharmless color for t

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