#healing Image from page 52 of “Roentgenographic diagnosis of dental infection in systemic diseases” (1916)

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Image from page 52 of “Roentgenographic diagnosis of dental infection in systemic diseases” (1916)
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Identifier: roentgenogratous
Title: Roentgenographic diagnosis of dental infection in systemic diseases
Year: 1916 (1910s)
Authors: Tousey, Sinclair, b. 1864
Subjects: Diagnosis, Radioscopic Teeth Tooth Diseases Radiography
Publisher: New York : P. B. Hoeber
Contributing Library: West Virginia University Libraries
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Text Appearing Before Image:
rasping mitralmurmurs. Absolute rest in bed, a purin-free dietand an ice bag over the heart temporarily reducedthe severity of the symptoms without much changein the physical signs. After five weeks of thi- acute illness, Dr. HarlowBrook> in consultation found that she presentedthe clinical picture of tubercular peritonitis andtuberculous pleurisy on the left side. There wasalso flatness at the base of the right lung behind,which with the onset of meningitic symptoms andconstant leukocytosis led to a suspicion of ab-scess which was disproven by an exploratorypuncture. The meningeal symptoms became rapidly worse:the patient was unable to speak a connected sen-tence. There were several severe convulsionslasting from an hour to an hour and a half each.A spinal puncture showed a clear fluid under nor-mal pressure and containing no microorganisms,and negative to the AVassermann test. The spinalfluid contained one lymphocyte to about 15 redcells. The blood contained no microorganisms and

Text Appearing After Image:
Figure 2<.—Dilated Heart, Enlarged Thymus axd Motti.ixg OF Lu?JG. Case of arthritis, endocarditis, pleurisy, pneumonia, meningitisand hemiplegia from dental infection. 49 ROENTGENOGRAPHS DIAGNOSIS 51 was negative to the Wida] and Wassermann testsand contained 25,000 leukocytes per cubic milli-meter. The urine contained albumin and casts. Aradiograph of the chest (Figure 27) made with aportable outfit showed no collection of fluid ineither side of the chest, but mottling on the rightside. It showed a greatly dilated heart and anenlarged thymus gland. The pulse was 120, respi-ration 34, temperature \(Y2] ■_• degrees F. Dr. X. B. Potter and his assistant, Dr. Ord-way, had always been suspicious of streptococcusinfection, possibly from the teeth shown in myradiographs. And it had been the plan that theHist time the patient went out of doors it shouldbe to the dentists office to have the suspected sec-ond bicuspid drilled into and the question of thelife or death of its nerve deci

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