#healing Image from page 476 of “Annual and analytical cyclopaedia of practical medicine” (1898)

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Image from page 476 of “Annual and analytical cyclopaedia of practical medicine” (1898)
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Identifier: annualanalytica03sajo
Title: Annual and analytical cyclopaedia of practical medicine
Year: 1898 (1890s)
Authors: Sajous, Charles E. de M. (Charles Eucharist de Medicis), 1852-1929
Subjects: Medicine Medicine
Publisher: Philadelphia : F.A. Davis Co.
Contributing Library: Gerstein – University of Toronto
Digitizing Sponsor: University of Toronto

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eks treatment by the galvaniccurrent. Olaf Frich (Norsk Mag. f.Liigeordenskab., p. 1125, 90). Combination of herpes zoster andfacial paralysis very rare. Ebstein wasable to collate but eleven cases. Theauthor has found seven others, and addsthe following of his own: a woman,aged 20 years, no nervous disease infamily. Trouble began the day aftersitting in a draught, with a drawing sen-sation in riglit side of face, slight tender-ness over right eyebrow, followed bypain radiating from neck to back of headand on riglit side. On the third day atotal right-sided facial paralysis. Fourdays later a vesicular eruption on thelower half of the right ear and in theauditory canal, on the right half of thetongue, uvula, and ])alatc. The paral-ysis was very marked, with completereaction of degeneration. The tongueprotruded straight; touch and taste un-impaired. Sensation of face intact. Xotenderness at points of exit of the fifthand seventh nerves. No cerebral symp-toms. So far as the author knows,

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iSi- Herpes zoster, with facial paralysis.(Ehstcin.) this is the fourth case in which theparalysis preceded the herpes. The phe-nomena in this case may be explained asfollows: The trigeminal branches wereinvolved; the lingual herpes was causedby continuation of tlie inflammation 458 HEEPES ZOSTER. SY:MPT0MS. from the facial to tlio tlioida tynipani and atletted only its trophic fibres. Eichhorst (Centralb. f. innere Med., No. 18, 97).Loss of hair and teeth and atrophy ofthe muscles have been noticed (Strii-bing). The disease is usually benign andacute, running its course in from three tosix weeks. Literature of 96-97-98. Zona may appear under three diflFerentconditions: First, toward the end ofsevere pulmonary tubercle, and it is thenof no special interest; but in other casesit is a very early symptom, and maybe looked upon as a premonitory sign.Cases cited of patients subject to herpeszoster, but who did not complain of anypulmonary afTection. On examinationof the lungs, however, ear

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