#healing Gout: the disease of kings

Some gout images:

Gout: the disease of kings
Image by DanCentury
This isn’t the best illustration because I have to explain that it’s a toe, every time I show it to people, and I guess maybe people don’t know gout affects your toe. I get the gout real bad when I eat Indian food, or drink a couple gallons of malt beverages, or a couple bowls of eel. Sucks because my feet are permantently fucked up and I probably will never be able to run again (without dumping 20 grand on surgery).

King Gouty Toe

(I changed the eye so it didn’t look like "pac man". Here’s the original www.flickr.com/photos/dancentury/4285307488/.)

And here’s my gout page www.dancentury.com/thegout.html which has a list of my ways to avoid it.

Image by Sarah G…
Pictorial image of gout.

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