#healing Exhibit A

A few high cholesterol images I found:

Exhibit A
high cholesterol
Image by stephenyeargin
If anyone wonders why I keel over at 45 because of high cholesterol, you can probably blame the Moe’s Homewrecker.

Last super toasty for a while, 3 months off bike means I’ve now got high (ish) cholesterol #forgot
high cholesterol
Image by GavinBell

Roofline Sickle of the Moon
high cholesterol
Image by MacMurdo
There are exquisite things around us, every day and every hour, but we’ve fallen out of the habit of seeing them — if we ever had the habit. We prefer to give our fullest attention to stock car races, blowhard politicians, football games, charlatan Bible-thumpers, or our next high-cholesterol all-you-can-eat meal. Only a fool like me rises from his bed before dawn to admire the silver sliver of the new moon as it disappears in the growing light like a Chesire cat’s smile.

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