#healing Deadly Emus, Marboro, New Jersey

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Deadly Emus, Marboro, New Jersey
high cholesterol
Image by flickr4jazz
Whilst driving past the wild, open fields of nearby Marlboro, New Jersey, I came across a “mob” of wild, free-range native New Jersey emus. Yes, a group of emus are called a “mob” just like a group of crows is called a “murder” of crows!

I used to eat emu meat all the time when I lived in Arizona and I can say for a fact that they are particularly delicious if cooked properly. A typical emu weighs about 150 pounds and stands about 5 foot high, though they can stretch a bit farther up if they want to look over something. They are quite fast and can run at speeds up to 35 to 40 miles per hour. Due to the age of the species, they are sometimes referred to as “living dinosaurs.” They do have a sharp claw which, unlike an ostrich, probably won’t kill you if you get kicked. It can however, cause a great deal of pain and a nasty infection depending upon what the particular emu has been stepping in.

The emu is prized for its meat, its feathers, and particularly its oil which can be used for burns, chapped skin, and cuts to the skin. The emu meat tastes much like beef. It is lower in cholesterol and fat than beef and is promoted by the American Heart Association.

According to the Uncyclopedia, “The common Emu (not to be confused with the sadistic emu) is a very dangerous bird. They normally grow to about eight feet tall, but specimens on steroids have been known to reach fifteen feet. They have deadly sharp beaks that can disembowel a human in under two seconds, large talons capable of tearing through tires like paper, feathers that can take your heart out while it’s still beating. And sometimes if you feed one, it will try to bite you.” Also, “Chickens can run around with their heads cut off. With emus it’s even worse – they can run around for two days sans cranium. The Australian government advises all home-slaughtering enthusiasts to build a pen sturdy enough to contain a headless emu for at least 48 hours.“

Blooming onion. The best way to eat vegetables. #Australian #for #high #cholesterol
high cholesterol
Image by avitable

Through analysis Project 365(5) 07/06/2013
high cholesterol
Image by Keith Williamson
Called in at the doctor this morning to collect the results of my blood and urine analysis which, as you can see, amounted to four sheets of A4. Three areas of minor concern: cholesterol, triglyceride and TSH.

The doctor explained that the levels were only slightly high and that tablets would not be necessary. He did give me a diet sheet though and told me to return in 3 months for a further test.

Interestingly, Pamela had similar results. Her cholesterol was slightly higher than mine as was her TSH but her triglyceride level was lower. Pamela had in fact two tests. In the first one her triglyceride level was very high at over 300. Quite how it then dropped to 119 in the space of a few weeks remains a mystery.

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