#healing Case 3.5 Chimayo Chili Pecans

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Case 3.5 Chimayo Chili Pecans
lower cholesterol
Image by Hail Merry Foods
Licensed under a creative commons share-alike. Use freely but give attribution to Hail Merry, makers of raw food snacks and link to www.hailmerry.com

Hail Merry first soaks her nuts to activate the living enzymes, which aid in proper digestion. We then dehydrate at very low temperatures to protect these enzymes as well as the delicate essential fatty acids. Research suggests that eating about a handful of pecans each day can help lower cholesterol levels. Chimayo Chile is a sacred spice found in the mountains outside of Santa Fe, NM. and may also help to increase metabolism. Enjoy Hail Merry snacks and know that you are Feeding Your Body Royally.

We celebrate our ingredients: Soaked pecans, organic palm sugar, Chimayo Chile powder, sea salt, cracked black pepper.

The Type 2 Diabetes Breakthrough
lower cholesterol
Image by Earthworm
A very thorough approach to diabetes treatment from the point of view of prevention and reversal of diabetes symptoms. Frank Shallenberger is a medical doctor combining his own testing methods called Bio-energy testing with a multi-pronged holistic treatment that includes diet, supplements and exercise. The Bio-energy test , which involves testing your body on a treadmill, evaluates how well you are producing energy and metabolizing fat, as well as your optimum caloric intake and carbohydrate intake. Also adrenal gland function, heart and lung function. Unfortunately I would have to go to his office in Nevada to get this evaluation. It used to be more available, but the economic collapse may have had an impact and the fact that his treatment plan requires patients who are motivated. www.burstingwithenergy.net/bio-energy-testing.php

The book describes his theory that diabetes is an energy production problem on a cellular level and not simply a question of the pancreas not producing enough insulin. He fully admits that his theory has not been proven but his treatment plan still works per his observations of his patients.

He distinguishes two types of Type 2 diabetes. I call them Stage 1 and Stage 2. Stage 1 involves high insulin and insulin resistance. When the pancreas creates so much insulin (produced in the islet cells), the end product is excessive free radicals. Free radicals are produced as a byproduct of all cellular energy production so it is normal until the cell is overtaxed. Then the cell becomes inefficient and produces even more free radicals as a result. In the case of the pancreas this is because of too much carbohydrates demanding high insulin production. And if you are genetically prone to diabetes this is more likely, but you don’t have to be this genotype to have it happen to you. So basically everybody is headed for this route due to our high carb food culture.

Stage 2 is when the pancreas does not create enough insulin which is what happens next. This means the islet cells are destroying themselves with free radicals. So you want to catch Type 2 diabetes before it gets to this point in order to reverse it. Otherwise you have to go the insulin injecting route. For this he highly recommends Dr. Bernstein’s book.

The problem with conventional medicine, he says, is the use of drugs to make the failing islet cells produce more insulin. This just makes those islet cells burn out faster. Conventional medicine does not go to the root of the problem and ask what causes insulin resistance in the first place and how it can be corrected. And how to protect the pancreas from free-radical damage. This is what his approach is about. It can also be applied to overall health and energy boosting.

His eight pronged approach addresses.

DIET: low carb, above ground vegetables, saturated fats, high protein and a balance of omega 3 and omega 6 fats. He is very high-fat friendly and also believes that the low-fat premise is erroneous.

SUPPLEMENTS: to aid oxygen metabolism, increase fat metabolism and increase insulin sensitivity, increase liver function, increase insulin output, increase adrenal function and improve and increase sleep.

EXERCISE, but not of a prolonged type that keeps your heart rate high. Counsels interval training, anaerobic burst and resistance training. 30-40 minutes a day, six days a week. Interval training of three of the days and resistance training on the other three.

SUPPORTING THE LIVER WITH ANTIOXIDENT NUTRIENTS. These are vitamins C and E, lipoic acid, glutathione (converted from N-acetyl-cysteine , selenium, manganese, copper and zinc.

To check optimum liver functioning look at albumin levels. Albumin, which is a protein in the blood is entirely made by the liver so levels of albumin are indicative of good liver function. Optimal is 4.5 g/dl to 5. Normal range is 3.5 to 5 so a doctor won’t care if it’s in that range even though less than 4.5 means low energy production.

Glycogen also important to the detoxifying function of the liver. Results from adequate amount of protein. Fiber from vegetables and seeds, not grains, is good for absorbing bile salts which is how the liver gets rid of toxins.

ADEQUATE SLEEP supplemented with 5-HTP and tiny bit of melatonin, not sleep medications which interfere with development of deeper levels of sleep.

STRESS REDUCTION through relaxation exercises and meditation

CORRECTING HORMONE IMBALANCES, not just insulin but thyroid, cortisol, DHEA testosterone and growth hormone imbalances.

Low levels of thyroid results in a decreased production of insulin. Mercury is toxic to the thyroid gland. And possibly fluoride and x-rays. Elevated cholesterol levels, especially LDL are indicative of thyroid hormone deficiency. Thyroid makes 7% of T3 hormone and 93% of T4 hormones. The liver converts T4 to T3. T3 vital for energy production.

Cortisol can best be measured with a saliva test.

DHEA affects insulin resistance.

Growth hormone stimulates muscle and bone cells. A deficiency contributes to loss of muscle mass which in turn aggravates insulin resistance. Growth hormone replenishment is helped by exercise, sleep and fasting. Tested with a blood test for IGF-1

OXIDATIVE MEDICINE for those too impaired to exercise.

Had to get this book through inter-library loan, but it is cheap to buy used. I just wanted to make sure it was worth having.

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