#healing Candle Nut Tree (Aleurites rockinghamensis)

A few cellulite images I found:

Candle Nut Tree (Aleurites rockinghamensis)
Image by jemasmith
At the same time last year, this tree was covered in flowers – this year it is covered in fruit.

It is claimed that early white settlers in Australia (and also Pacific islanders) used the fruit as candles, hence the common name.

Claims have also been made that the seeds of the plant can help in weight loss, to lower cholesterol, and for the treatment of great variety of conditions including arthritis, baldness, cellulite, constipation, hemorrhoids, to improve skin conditions, as an appetite suppressant, and as an aid to stop cravings for tobacco. See www.herbalsafety.utep.edu/facts.asp?ID=51

I brought some of this fruit home with me. I’m not sure if I should eat it, burn it or anoint myself with it.

Before you chomp into a large plateful, here is some prudent advice, courtesy of Black Diamond Images – thank you BDI!

"The seeds of this species are sometimes eaten and they can taste quite pleasant, however, they can produce severe vomiting and diarrhea. Everist (1974)"
keys.trin.org.au:8080/key-server/data/0e0f050 4-0103-430d-…

Image by hazelonewhite
Ad for anti-cellulite cream taken in Barcelon a June 2005

Switch #LumpaElena in modalit√† on. “Il naufragar m’√® dolce in questo mare” o come trasformare un giramento de cojoni in un qualcosa di costruttivo …almeno per la cellulite. #pordenone #igerspn #igersfvg #naonisgram #IgersItalia #ilmiofvg #fvglive
Image by brixton21

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