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#healing Glaucoma.

Check out these glaucoma images: Glaucoma. Image by Community Eye Health © Robinson. Holy Pupils Batman! Image by Onion Why I’m reluctant to let my optometrist dilate my pupils. They stayed like that for close…

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#healing Some Glaucoma images

A few glaucoma images I found: Translated glaucoma book and brochures in Amharic Image by Community Eye Health © Abeba T Giorgis Published in: Community Eye Health Journal Vol. 25 No. 79.80 2012 www.cehjournal.org

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Lastest Glaucoma News

Now, glaucoma patients to get better treatment in Doon Hospital Dehradun: In a good news for glaucoma patients, the Doon Medical College and Hospital will now be able to detect the aliment in its early…

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