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#healing Pirchner-Hof_Kraeutergarten-Weinraute

Check out these herbal remedy images: Pirchner-Hof_Kraeutergarten-Weinraute Image by marketing deluxe Der Pirchner Hof – Reith im Tiroler Alpbachtal Gesund durch die Heilkräfte der Natur Im schönsten Blumendorf Europas, in Reith im Tiroler Alpbachtal, liegt…

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#healing Over the Counter

Check out these herbal remedy images: Over the Counter Image by OpalMirror Prepackaged herbal remedies… this is where my cold medicine came from. Image from page 248 of “Boston Thomsonian manual and lady’s companion” (1838)…

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#healing Colts-foot – Tussilago farfara

A few herbal remedy images I found: Colts-foot – Tussilago farfara Image by Hornbeam Arts The flowers open before the appearance of the large leaves that look like horse hooves. The roots contain mucilage which…

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