Arthritis in low back or neck

Location Preview of 2011 Arthritis Walk at Kings Dominion
Image by rogercarr
The 2011 Arthritis Walk at Kings Dominion is scheduled to take place in less than a month.

Today I visited the site for the second time with a team to work out several planning details. This photo is one of the scenes walkers will experience as they support the Arthritis Foundation.

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Arthritis in low back or neck
FEATURE — Arthritis in the low back (lumbar spine) commonly causes the following type of pain: hip and buttock pain, cramping of the lower extremity but usually not below the knee, low back stiffness (especially in the morning), and pain aggravated by …
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Composite of turmeric and mulberry may aid arthritis, rat study
“The clinical use of UP1304 could be rationalized by the fact that the primary biomarkers frequently isolated with patients experiencing chronic arthritis were modulated by UP1304 and its constituents,” the researchers said. “Therefore, UP1304 could …

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